September 1st, 2010


That Tiki Room song is pretty catchy.

We're still worried about Oreo, but we think he's gradually recovering. He's still not eating much, but he's also still showing interest in food. There was even a time where he didn't have a grumpy look on his face as he tried to get comfortable. The grumpy look is back, but that might be because Page is around.

Anyway. We finished M&N pretty early today, because we had hardly anything left to do on it, and so we finally remembered to actually work on our entry for the Kurodahan Press Translation Prize! Yay! This year, it's going to be all about creativity, it looks like, because a good two thirds of the story is written with lots of mistakes and stuff on purpose! Gasp! But it's a really neat concept. We're excited about it.

But despite our excitement, we're still lazy, so we didn't work on it for long. Actually, we finished our first draft, so I guess the not working on it wasn't entirely out of laziness, because making revisions, while not very hard, is something that we always want to not have to do. Or something. It's like laundry. A very easy chore to do, but for some reason we always hate to have to do it.

Anyway. We decided to read manga instead! Yay! Athena's on 12 Hate, and I'm on Hoshi wa Utau 8, generously provided for us by lyschan! Thanks, lys! ...but I don't have much to say on either of those, because each one has only been read by one of us. But! Hidaka-sensei showed some drawings that the CD drama voice actors gave her or Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! Awww, Yuu Asakawa drew a picture of Mickey Mouse for Banri Hidaka and we didn't get to meet her when she came to AX! Boo! (<--ravings of a crazed fangirl)

And Athena just informed me that Oreo is eating right now! Yay! I hope he eats plenty.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo eating, getting to read manga today, having a neat story to translate for the translation contest, kind friends who buy us manga, and the cute toucan picture for September on our calendar (and two can sound better than one toucan can!♪ (but there's only one in the picture)).