August 29th, 2010


Kids are adorable

Our teacher in Sunday School today said something that I thought was kind of cool and I wanted to repeat it here, but I've completely forgotten what it was. Maybe this will be a lesson to me to remember to bring my little notepad to church and take notes.

I still wanted to type up something spiritual, but I couldn't think of what, so we went to one of the Church's websites, and watched some videos, and I still couldn't decide what to type up! But this video is really short and really cute. There was a time... maybe there's still a time, I really don't know because we don't watch that much tv anymore, but there was a time when the LDS Church had all these commercials about spending time with your family, and it was like, "Family: Isn't it about... time?" Another theme of the commercials could easily be "kids are adorable," and this one doesn't have that slogan, but it's pretty much along those lines.

It just occurred to me that the other day, since we were hanging out with people the other day and reminiscing and stuff, that we still have some pretty neat pictures on our camera that we ought to post sometime. We're not going to do it now, because this is our first Sunday home in a while and we have other things we'd like to do, but I'm mentioning it anyway, because that way I'll be committed.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice relaxing Sunday at home today, cute videos at, another nice visit from my visiting teachers, sea salt, and the lovely cool weather.
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