August 27th, 2010


Whisked away

We got whisked away before we had a chance to update LJ again today. We had about four and a half pages left of M&N to translate, and it took us a whole hour. And we didn't get to it until later than we expected, so the day felt kind of off, but we had been productive. We indexed some names for FamilySearch, and then we went to the store to get some cereal.

Then we worked on M&N, where Higuchi-sensei experimented with having all the character use Kansai dialect. And it took us an hour to translate three and a half pages of comic book. That's usually how long it takes us to translate three and a half pages of a light novel! (Though we had gotten a little faster at that--we were able to translate five or six pages by the time we got fired.) And we didn't even bother trying to figure out how to deal with the dialect!

It was fun, though. Apparently, since M&N takes place in... where is it, Osaka? It doesn't say in this volume, but somewhere in the Kansai region. Since it takes place in the Kansai region, a bunch of people had asked why none of the characters use Kansai dialect. (Find out the answer when volume five comes out!) It had us thinking about Southern-dialect hater, and how he said that Kansai dialect should be translated to something more urban, like a Brooklyn or Boston accent, and boy oh boy how that would have completely and thoroughly not worked in this at all. Can you imagine Mitsuru's mother... oh wait, I guess she doesn't show up until volume three or four or something... but you know she's like an evil stepmother type, which means she has to be elegant. Can you imagine an elegant evil stepmother type using a Brooklyn accent?

That little bonus manga is just a good example of how sometimes Kansai dialect really needs a go-to accent. Hmm... I suppose British would work for most of it... but not all of it... and I can't explain why because that's spoilery. Just forget the whole thing, then.

Anyway, then we got whisked away to Red Robin's for dinner with Mom and Celeste and Sarah and Mom's friend! And it got out that Mom's friend hadn't seen the Princess and the Frog, so we stopped by Target before going home to buy Mom a copy and then we watched it! This time we watched it with captions, which was a very interesting experience that makes me think it could be neat to watch all our Disney movies with the captions on. For example, we noticed for the first time that Naveen uses contractions a lot less frequently than everyone else. Except in the song "When I'm Human," which actually made us a little sad, because we think they could have made it work without having him use contractions all the time. Oh well.

After the movie, the grown-ups went to bed and then Celeste and Sarah started doing stuff on the computer, so we stayed and talked for a little while, but things got boring so we asked for a ride home. And now we have some time for more Tactics! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for getting to have dinner with everyone at Red Robin's tonight, learning new things about The Princess and the Frog by watching it with captions, finishing those pages in only an hour (an hour is a long time, but if it had taken longer... oh man), getting some Life cereal at the store, and also getting pita chips at the store.