August 24th, 2010



Today has definitely been an "are we done yet!?" kind of day. And it's not even that M&N is being especially difficult. In fact, it's been easier than usual. Well, it was until we got to the bonus chapter, but still. That being the case, we mostly just want to go play video games. So I think it's safe to say that most of the restlessness during work actually came from the fact that we started Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 on Saturday, and we want to get back to it ASAP. It's a fun game, but they throw all the sidequests at you all at once, so unless you want to ignore them, it takes a really long time to progress the story.

Anyway, I'm also kind of wanting to show off, so Collapse )

And we still have a column to write, so I'll keep it short today.

Today I'm thankful for the pancakes Celeste brought being very yummy even as leftovers, getting to play Tactics Advance 2, another day of adorable kitties (Page charged at Oreo a few times (she likes to dash at him for some reason, but she always stops before she gets to him); she was lucky he was asleep or looking away most of the time, but once he saw it happen and he was not happy. But they both stayed in the same room with us anyway♥), Page being smart enough not to actually attack Oreo, and still having pancakes for tomorrow.