August 21st, 2010



Today started out being pretty nerve-wracking. We were sort of hoping for/expecting/dreading a phone call from The Agent. Dun dun DUN!!

He had told us that we might know whether or not we're on the project by the twenty-first, and that's today! Last night we were afraid to go to bed, because we knew there was a possibility of waking up to a life-changing phone call. Dun dun DUN!!!

I think I've been over this a few times, but I want to reiterate that we think it would be super awesome and a great experience to work in Japan for a few months, and we like the idea. But we're also very timid, and it's kind of reeeeeeally really terrifying. Especially because then we'd have to go into "doing stuff" mode, where we'd need to find a place to store all our stuff, pack all our stuff, figure out how the cats are going to be taken care of, etc. So while it would be great to get a phone call saying we're on the project and we're moving to Japan, that doesn't make it any less intimidating.

We got a phone call soon after we woke up, and I freaked out! ...and it was the Relief Society president, asking me to play an extra song for Relief Society tomorrow.

Soon after breakfast, the phone rang again! ...and it was the Relief Society chorister, telling me what the hymns we were singing for normal hymn-singing time. I really should have seen that one coming, because when RS Pres asked me to play another song, I told he I still didn't know what else I was supposed to play, and she said she'd have the chorister call me.

We watched some cartoons, and then we decided to be responsible and I actually practiced all those hymns I'm supposed to play tomorrow. But while I was practicing, the phone rang again! ...It was Celeste, calling to talk! We had a nice conversation, in which she asked something a few of you may have been wondering for a while now: Why don't we just call him? Well, the simple answer is that we don't have his phone number. E-mail works well enough for us most of the time that it never occurred to me to ask for it. So why don't we e-mail him? We figure he'll call as soon as he knows, so if he hasn't called (or e-mailed) yet, we think that means he doesn't know, and it would be a little awkward, you know? We're content with waiting patiently.

Anyway. We still don't know if we're going to Japan or not, and for now, we're okay with that.

Today I'm thankful for sisters who call just to talk, finding out all the hymns for tomorrow in time to practice them, once again being surrounded by adorable kitties, getting to try Triple Chocolate Twix (they're pretty good), and toothpaste.