August 20th, 2010



Apparently the big news about us lately is that we got our hair cut. I guess it's understandable that it's making a buzz, I guess is the term I'm going for, since we've always had really long hair, which means people have that much more time to let the picture of us with really long hair burn itself indelibly into their brains, so it would be that much more of a shock to see us with shorter hair. But that fact that it seems to excite so many people at church is strange to us for two reasons.

First, we might be going to Japan. We think that living abroad for several months is a bit more of a big deal than something lots of people do as frequently as once a... come to think of it, we have no idea how often people normally get their hair cut. Eheh. But maybe nobody's thinking about that because we keep telling people, "We don't know yet!" So that makes sense.

But the second reason I was surprised that the news had spread so far that when I called Mom yesterday to ask for advice as far as getting teeth taken care of she said, "I heard you got your hair cut," before she even said hello is the fact that it's not true. Our hair is still just as long as it ever was.

It is true that Barbie convinced us to agree to getting our hair trimmed. It's also true that our hair is so long, and has gone for so long without getting cut, that to get rid of all the split ends, we'd need to take off a good foot of it, which for most people would be more of a cut than a trim. And then she wanted to layer it, because apparently then it would have more volume or something. We're tentatively okay with that, once again because of the whole split ends thing. But we're a little concerned that all these girls who are so excited about us getting our hair cut seem to be getting carried away, and the more excited they get, the less we want to trust them with our precious hair.

We haven't heard from Barbie in a while though, and for all we know, we'll end up fleeing the country before we even get near a pair of scissors.

Incidentally, another thing that really confused us is that, when we walked through a flock of girls on Sunday that was all like, "Oooh, I hear you're getting your hair cut♥♥♥" on Sunday, one of them said, "It'll be a lot easier to straighten then!" We were like, "O...kay? It's pretty straight already... A little wavy, but we like it that way..." Is ultra-straight hair the current fashion trend? I don't know.

Today I'm thankful for our long pretty hair, that chapter of Sekaichi going superfast!, those dessert thingies they had at FHE last night, getting to sleep in this morning, and getting to have Life cereal for breakfast.