August 19th, 2010



We started today already to finish our first draft translation of Sekaichi 11, and it was looking like we might actually do it! ...until! dun dun DUN!!! We had lunch!!! Oh no!!!

Right, so lunch in and of itself is, of course, a very good thing. The bad thing happened after lunch, when suddenly I realized there was a big hole in my molar. That can't be good. So then we went to check how much money we had in our bank account to see if we could afford some dental work, and it looks like there's a possibility that we can! Yay! But then we remembered that we needed to call the bank to close some of our accounts, because six? Really? We don't need six bank accounts.

So we called the bank! And kept getting put on hold for some reason. I think maybe the teller we talked to was fairly new or something. It was only mildly annoying, and we got over the annoyance very quickly, but it did take a lot of time, so we ended up not finishing our Sekaichi 11 draft after all. I guess we could have finished it anyway, but we didn't want to sit at the computer that long after our normal quitting time. Oh well.

On the bright side! Gaston's father is a dentist! Yay! And Gaston had told us during one of our long car rides to or from Disneyland all about the neat cutting edge technology his dad uses at his practice, all for the purpose of making going to the dentist less expensive and less scary. So we called Gaston to see if we could get a price estimate, and Gaston went ahead and made the appointment for us! And he said he'd talk to his dad to see if he could get us a good deal! And fortunately, thanks to Oreo's ordeal last year, we already have Care Credit, a low interest credit plan for things like veterinary and dental costs. (Unfortunately, that means more debt. But if we go to Japan, we should be able to earn enough money to pay it off quickly.)

Today I'm thankful for friends with connections to dentists, having the means to pay for dental exams, having a great opportunity to get our teeth looked at before potentially traveling overseas for several months, finally remembering to close down those business bank accounts, and getting to watch Sengoku Basara yesterday.