July 24th, 2010


Toy Story

Today was another day of celebration! Sort of. It was going to be different, but it all worked out eventually. See, Celeste was going to be loaned a car! And to celebrate, she was going to take us to see Toy Story 3. And! since she got accepted to the fall credential program (she got the paperwork in late, so she was wait-listed, but now she's in and doesn't have to wait until next spring!), we wanted to treat her to some kind of yummy dessert to celebrate!

But she hasn't gotten the car yet; she thinks it's because the person lending it to her doesn't want to interrupt her busy schedule. That's very nice of him, but she doesn't have a busy schedule.

But that's okay! Because Mom and Steve wanted to see Toy Story 3, so they picked us up and all five of us went to see it! Yay!

And! It had a trailer for Tangled!! I think that was what I was most excited to see the whole time, which makes it even more sad that we had to get up and shift over one so that more people could fit in the row right during the middle of that exact trailer. But it still looks so good! The Toy Story director keeps mentioning people talking about how hot grown-up Andy is in Toy Story 3, but Flynn Rider is so much hotter. We're really excited to see Tangled!!

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Then we came home to find our air conditioner broken! Oooohhhhh noooooooo!! We tried to see if we could fix it (maybe it was just something with the control panel?), but we couldn't. Fortunately, our management takes broken air conditioners very seriously, and we had maintenance guys over to check it out within minutes. They couldn't do anything either, though, and they had to call the AC technician. He won't be able to come over until tomorrow, which makes us sad because we don't want to make him work on a Sunday, much less one that's 103 degrees, but we weren't the ones making the appointment.

They offered to let us camp out in one of the vacant apartments, which actually sounds really cool, but we declined. We don't think it's going to be super hot outside for too much longer, and they lent us some fans to use in the meantime. Plus we wouldn't have internet or TV in another apartment.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Toy Story 3 (we didn't get to take Celeste for dessert; we'll have to get together some other time for that), having some extra fans while we ride out our broken air conditioner crisis, getting to sleep in this morning, the idea of camping out in vacant apartments, and all the appliances we have that are still working right now.