June 30th, 2010



It's that time again! Time for a barbecue! Well, technically, in Fresno, I think it's always time for a barbecue. Have I mentioned that sometimes we'll smell barbecue at one in the morning? It doesn't happen that often, but that might only be because we stopped staying up that late.

Anyway. For Family Home Evening this week, the ward is having a barbecue. I think this might have something to do with Independence Day coming up, but it has more to do with some softball game? There's some softball tournament going on that we know almost nothing about because we're not interested in sports at all, but apparently our ward's team lost miserably last time, so there was talk of having a barbecue and then having everybody watch the softball game. The theory is that the terrible loss was due to lack of moral support.

That being the case, originally we weren't going to go. It wasn't only the softball thing--they moved it to a building that's not in walking distance. But when our home teacher was driving us home from church on Sunday, he commented on how close we are to the building we normally have FHE in, and so we said, "Yup, that's why we can go to FHE now, except for this week, since they moved it." Most people let comments like that go, but our home teacher is sharp. He said, "Do you need a ride?" And much as we'd rather stay home playing Labyrinth of Grimm or something, we figure socializing is good for us, so we said yes and there you have it.

Incidentally, they also moved FHE to Wednesday for this week, which is why I'm talking about it today (normally it's on Thursday). When it was going to be on Thursday, the bishop said we were going to have a Canada Day party, since he's from Canada. But then apparently the softball game was moved to Wednesday, so FHE was moved to Wednesday, too. Rar.

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In completely random news, they had peanut butter cookie dough at Fresh & Easy today! So we bought some! And we're going to roll it in sugar before we bake it! It makes them taste so good and yet nobody does it anymore.

Today I'm thankful for opening the door to the truth in Labyrinth of Grimm, getting peanut butter cookie dough at Fresh & Easy, also getting ice cream sandwiches, finally having a Twitter icon, and having a ride to the barbecue even if we don't really care for softball or barbecue.