June 28th, 2010


Hotel hassle

Today has been very very hot. We have the air conditioning set for 84 degrees, and it's still on all the time. Ouch!

On Saturday, we got too caught up doing other things and didn't get a chance to call the hotel and cancel our reservation, so I called this morning. That was a small exercise in frustration. I called the number, they would redirect me to the reservations department, they would tell me they couldn't cancel the reservation from there, and then redirect me to what turned out to be an answering machine. In their defense, the first time I called, I didn't have the right confirmation number. But then I called again and it happened again.

Well, that's okay, we still have to put stuff in the mail. Maybe we'll put stuff in the mail, and while we're at the office, discover that the check we've been waiting for has arrived after all!

...No such luck. But on the bright side, at least it saved us from once again being faced with the decision of whether or not to go. We really do despise traveling, and Oreo wasn't feeling well this morning so the thought of leaving seemed like it might be a bad one. In fact, when faced with the idea of going anyway, I had a mild panic attack. I think that might have had something to do with my dream this morning where we were waiting in line to check in to a hotel for AX, and then we realized that our decision to come was so spur-of-the-moment that not only did we not have any costumes, we didn't even have a single change of clothes between us.

Anyway, I called again and got redirected a few more times (I'm sure that I was redirected to somewhere I'd been before (during that same call) at least once), and finally someone told me what department I needed to ask for. But for some reason that meant I had to call again. So I did, and when I asked for that department, I got directed to a recording that redirected me to an operator, who was a little surprised that the department I asked for wasn't the one I got, but figured the person there must be unavailable, and oh well, he can just take care of whatever I needed. So he canceled the reservation and I got a cancellation number and everything, but it made me sad, because he was like, "Anime Expo?" "Yeah." "Can't make it this year?" "Yeah..." "That's a bummer." And it just made me more sad.

But on the bright side, now we're done thinking about it and we can move on with our lives.

In other news, our Disney DVD extras-watching finally reached Mary Poppins last night, and there's some really great extras on that DVD! They made us want to do something awesome. One of these days we'll figure out something awesome to do. But anyway, it's a good thing we didn't get to those extras until after we started our Disney reading project, because the main thing that got us started on that was wanting to know more about the relationship between Mary Poppins and Bert... and as it turns out, Bert is an original character! Well, sort of. Apparently they took some characters that showed up in the different Mary Poppins books and combined them all to make Bert. Or something. We think. (There was a lot of information to remember!)

Today I'm thankful for the forecast predicting a cool-down in a couple of days, fascinating Mary Poppins DVD extras, finally getting that reservation canceled, getting to stay inside out of the heat, and once again being surrounded by kitties.