June 27th, 2010


Kitties and evil twins and sadness

I was so distracted by the time and everything else that was going on yesterday that I forgot something else I wanted to talk about! Yesterday morning, when Athena went to feed the cats, she discovered the can opener, which had been on the kitchen counter, in what used to be one of the cat food bowls. Now it's two pieces of what used to be a bowl.

We don't know who the culprit was, but we suspect it was Oreo. He started going crazy when we got home on Friday night, and we couldn't quite figure out why, because the extra pizza we brought home was cold by then, and it wasn't giving off nearly as strong a smell as hot pizza. I guess I underestimated Oreo's love of Little Caesar's. I did spot him climbing onto the dining room table and contemplating jumping over to the counter, but he seemed to give up on the idea. Maybe he was hoping I would catch on and give him some pizza.

So I imagine that while we were asleep, he knew he wouldn't be getting any help, so he took matters into his own paws! And jumped on the counter in such a way as to knock the can opener into the bowl and break it in two. Silly kitty.

Changing the subject completely, we met with our home teacher today. I probably wouldn't bring it up, except that he's growing a goatee. Why is that significant? Because, as everyone knows, evil twins have goatees. So when he said hi at choir practice, I asked him if he was growing the goatee so he could be the evil twin, and he said yes! That was awesome, but I had to confirm, and when I said, "Really!?" he said no. Aww. Oh well, at least he played along for a little bit. He said he figured he's automatically the evil twin because his brother would have to be the good twin to be the president of the Elder's Quorum. I think that's all the more reason he should grow a goatee, but it doesn't matter because he's doing it anyway. Bwahahaha.

Incidentally, we ourselves have entertained notions of buying an "I AM the evil twin" t-shirt for each of us, but only recently enough that we haven't had any money to spare on such things. Generally, if we have to choose one twin to be the evil one, it's me, because usually the younger one is more evil, based on most of our anime and manga experience.

Aaand in another complete change of subject, some of you might have been wondering, "Wait--if they're so poor, what are they doing going to Red Robin's?" Well, there are two reasons we went ahead with it. The first is that we hate to turn down invitations to hang out with people and we wanted to go there because they have the bestest mozzarella sticks. And second... well...

We had set a deadline for ourselves. We must get the check from Yen Press by that day or we'd have to cancel our AX hotel reservations and we officially weren't going. That day was yesterday. So Athena went to get the mail, and lo and behold! a package from Yen Press! It had our comp copies of Nabari no Ou 4!

But sadly, it had nothing else. No money, no Anime Expo. So we called our trip to Red Robin's our "bummer, we're not going to AX" dinner. Because dinner at Red Robin's is a lot cheaper than five nights in a hotel. We're going to have to figure out some way to have our own mini-mini-mini-mini-mini-mini-mini Anime Expo this weekend.

Today I'm thankful for having more bowls so the one breaking didn't cause chaos, the amusingness of our home teacher's evil twin goatee, getting a ride home after choir practice, the amusingness of Oreo's love for Little Caesar's pizza, and getting to spend some time at home today not working on crazy stuff.