June 22nd, 2010



I'm not entirely sure what it says about us that we can be three pages away from finishing the story part of this book of Negima! and still decide to wait until tomorrow. It's not that the story isn't fascinating, either, because it is. It's just that... there's a lot of talking. Whine whine whine. And it's hot. And translating a lot of talking plus heat equals laziness.

Last night, we tried and failed several times to figure out Rapunzel's storyline in Labyrinth of Grimm (we're thinking we're going to have to try going back to Ludwig's story and seeing if we can get Wilhelm or Jacob instead), so fifteen minutes before bedtime we gave up on it and decided to watch Vampire Knight instead. Sure, we could have watched one of about four or five anime we've fallen behind on, but Labyrinth of Grimm had us frustrated and whiny, so we wanted to watch something new! So there.

Our reaction to the first episode: Collapse )

Oh, speaking of vampires! We decided to check out Daisuke Kishio's blog last night (he's in Vampire Knight, too, but this happened before we watched it; not that it matters), and in his profile, he listed his blood type as "vampire." And for his birthday, he said, "Every day is my birthday." I think I like that attitude! But only because Kishio-san doesn't seem like a very arrogant person. Otherwise I think it'd get on my nerves.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Vampire Knight, getting to have cereal for breakfast today, working air conditioning, not really needing the air conditioning until today (that's been very helpful for our utilities bill), and amusing blog profiles.