June 20th, 2010


Father's Day

Wow, we actually made it home after choir practice today! It's a good thing, too, because it gave us time to call Dad. (We're going back to Mom's place later, and we didn't think it would be in good taste to call him from there.) It was nice talking to him.

He wished us a happy Father's Day, too, and then we got into my thing about how just because somebody doesn't celebrate a certain holiday (or isn't the object of the celebration, in cases like Father's Day) doesn't mean that they can't be wished a happy that day. Like, "Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! And to everyone who doesn't, well, you can just rot in the hellishness of not celebrating." I'm sure most people who say the first part don't even consider the rest of it, but it could be interpreted that way.

I think I've probably said this more than once before, but I think it would be neat to just randomly wish people, for example, "Happy August 23rd!" Of course, that would have to wait for August 23rd, but you get the idea. Then Dad pointed out that that's essentially what you're doing when you tell people to have a nice day. So maybe we just need to wish people nice days more often.

Dad also let us ramble about World of Color, which was especially nice, because we haven't really been able to do that outside of LJ. We started to when our home teacher came by to make an appointment, but then Sister H asked if we needed a ride home and we jumped at the opportunity.

Anyway, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to call Dad, getting to eat a bunch of the extra cookies that were brought for the Elders' Quorum, getting a ride home after choir practice, finally having sheet music with which to practice a piano solo for Relief Society (like RS Pres has been wanting me to do for months), and Page once again posing adorably on top of the monitor.