June 19th, 2010



Today kind of sprang up on us. We were originally planning to spend it at home, reading, doing some chores, maybe going to the store to pick up a few things. Instead, Steve called and asked if we wanted to join them for lunch at Costco, which we did, because Costco pizza is yummy, and because we needed to get some filters for our Brita pitcher.

When they all showed up to pick us up, Steve gave us the souvenirs he got us when he was in Japan. He got us each a Hanshin Tigers jersey, which is neat, because we translated a manga where they alluded to the Hanshin Tigers. It was actually a parody, so it was a team called the Hanjin, but we knew it was a reference to the Tigers, because the baseball fan character was named after an athlete who played for the Tigers, and then came to the States to play for the Giants. The Hanjin team played against the Kyojin, which is Japanese for giants. I don't remember what Hanjin means. (We didn't know that originally; we had to look it up.)

After lunch, we went to Best Buy, where they had a DS game that teaches you how to play the piano! We wanted it, but didn't get it--not because I already play the piano, but because we have no money. And then we got ice cream, and then we went to Jo-Ann's, where Mom was kind enough to buy us some fabric to make a quilt with. They had some really pretty swirly blue fabric with gold sparkles on it that just screamed Fantasia (specifically the part in the Sorcerer's Apprentice where Mickey's controlling all the stars), and we were totally going to make a Sorcerer's Apprentice quilt... but the fabric was $9 a yard, and even though it was on sale, we didn't want to spend that much of Mom's money. If we'd had any of our own money, we probably would have gotten it anyway.

Then we went to a music store, where Celeste got a kit that came with a guitar, a beginner's lesson book, and an electric tuner, all for $109! Wow, what a deal! We were so jealous. One day we'll be able to start saving money for a cello and a concertina. In the meantime, the store said that Irish tin whistles are only about 12. I think he meant twelve dollars, which would be awesome! But we don't know for sure, because they were out today. Boo. How are we ever going to start our pirate band without pirate instruments? Oh well.

Finally we went back to Mom's house, where we hung around for a while, cut out some fabric strips to eventually quilt, and talked. There was more pizza, too. Celeste showed us the episode of So You Think You Can Dance with the guy who has scoliosis, and that was pretty inspiring. Definitely the kind of thing that makes you want to go out and do something awesome, no matter how hard it is.

And now we're finally home. Today I'm thankful for neat souvenirs from Japan, having pretty fabric for a quilt, Mom giving us their automatic shower-cleaner thingie, getting to eat lots of yummy pizza, and rotary cutters.