June 12th, 2010


Life as usual

I figure I ought to update Live Journal today, but I can't think of much to write about. Mostly today was spent at temple baptisms (which was pretty awesome) and being sad about blog posts we've been reading. But it would be very difficult to articulate those feelings, so I'm not going to blog about that.

So I was thinking, and I was like, "Surely something happened yesterday to talk about," but not really. We went to the bank! And then we went to a music store that was having a sale! But we didn't get anything because we're determined not to splurge too much. But we did go to Fresh & Easy today for the sole purpose of buying snackage. Hm. At least it's nourishment! (I was going to end that sentence with a question mark, but we've been noticing an overuse of question marks in sentences like that, and we decided people need to own up more. So I'm setting an example! Yay!)

They did have some pretty nice Kingdom Hearts shirts at that music store though. But we have plenty of shirts, and one of those shirts would have cost about twice what we spent on all our snackage today.

Also yesterday! we worked! That's not really that big an event, but we did finish our first draft of the whole book after just a day and a half! Wow! The book arrived at around lunch time on Thursday, and we started work on it almost immediately. And then we remembered that, since we had gone back to translating the Akiyoshi special editions, we only had about six pages left on the last Rei story! Oh no! Sorry to leave you hanging, Rei! So we went and finished that before putting the book down again for who knows how long. We'll get to Tonami someday... (Soon would be good, because her boy is our favorite! Except maybe for Maki, of course.)

In random kitty news... there's nothing really new, but they're still awfully adorable. Sometimes Page will be running around impulsively like she does and suddenly Oreo will be in her way, and she flatten herself against the floor to defend herself. It's so pathetic (in the "makes me feel pathos" sense) and so adorable. More of the hypoallergenic food is disappearing in the night than can be attributed to Page alone, unless Page has suddenly developed a monster appetite, which is always a possibility. Ooh, maybe she's a werewolf! Or something. Anyway, we're hoping the theory about Oreo being willing to eat it but not wanting us to know he's eating it is the more accurate one.

Today I'm thankful for getting to do temple baptisms today, getting yummy snacks from the store, remembering to finish Rei's story before accidentally hiding the book away without any closure, value packs of pirate treasure (I don't know why cheese-flavored corn/rice puffs are called pirate treasure, but whatever, as long as they taste good), and having dark chocolate Fresh & Easy chocolate bars to try (very very grateful for Fresh & Easy selling their chocolate bars for only fifty cents, but I think I've been thankful for that before).