June 10th, 2010



We're Stressed today. I think the stress is probably not caused by, but certainly not helped by, the constant mentions of World of Color going on via Twitter. Rar. Maybe we should just stay away. But I keep forgetting that they're talking about it. And if we had stayed away, we wouldn't have seen Ryotaro Okiayu's adorable tweet about watching Disney kami-shibai when he was a kid and being afraid of Bambi and Snow White. Awwww!

Anyway. Actually, we do have vague plans to see World of Color (the new water light show at California Adventure). They were so perfect at first. See, on Monday, we found out that Mom is going down to southern California anyway, so we could just catch a ride with her. Then Gaston called yesterday morning and we discovered that he's totally on the way to where Mom's going, and we wouldn't have needed to figure out any kind of bus routes. We had everything so perfectly organized, and we wouldn't have needed to spend any of our non-existent money on anything except for food... and then Mom called and said they rescheduled and she's not going down until Tuesday. Boo! Boo, I say!!!!

(It was after that that I realized we could have kept ourselves decently fed by making multiple trips to the tortilla factory for free tortillas; if it was still closed, I could suck it up and get some free sourdough bread (<--not a fan of sourdough).)

Why not just go to see World of Color on Tuesday? Gaston has to help his sister with dance classes Tuesday night, which means he'll actually be up here! We'd have to leave long before the show even started! It was such perfect timing, going down on Monday morning, staying to see the show, going back to Disneyland for a couple of hours on Tuesday, and then back up here for dance class thingies and home.

We haven't canceled the plans yet--we just need to figure out how to get down south. Our best bet is the train, and! we just happened to get a check today! And! it was for two books instead of just one like we thought it would be! Oh my goodness, the happiness and joy! We can pay all our bills and still have money left over for food!

But the stress still lingers as we realize that the train costs money. We have money now, but how long will it last? We just got the Negima books Del Rey wants us to work on, but if we can't finish the first one fast enough--and maybe even if we can--we still won't get paid for it in time to pay rent. The money we got today is barely enough to pay rent, but we have other bills to pay, not the least of which being a credit card bill to cover all the debt we've been getting into.

I've been meaning not to go into the details of our financial problems, actually, but we've been wanting to put some things in perspective, mainly about the manga coalition that's been in the manga news lately. We saw the news that major manga publishers were banding together to crack down on scanslation sites, and we breathed a sigh of relief.

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Today I'm so very thankful for getting a check today, getting paid more than we expected (although that means less money in the future...), the very tasty chocolate bars they have for 50 cents at Fresh & Easy, manga companies cracking down on corrupt scanslation sites, and getting the Negima books today.