June 9th, 2010


Battle of wills: Lost

Oreo has proven once again that he is Oreo, and that any of our efforts to eat something that he doesn't want to will be in vain. Remember how we had to put him on a hypoallergenic diet as of about a week ago? Remember how the vet said she seriously doubted he would ever get sick of it, and therefore offered no advice in case that actually happened? Well. It happened.

I think it's possible that we're partially to blame for this. So that he wouldn't be forced to a life of monotony all at once, Athena would still give him some of his regular food, but only at night, and in smaller quantities. Maybe this helped him to realize that if he was patient enough, we would cave.

A couple of days ago, he seemed to start losing interest. At least we think it was a couple of days ago, but since we didn't document it, we're not sure whether or not his loss of interest happened before or after the Incident. See, before we got the super fancy food, he had been trying to all kinds of random, non-food items to eat. So we thought that maybe, for a little variety, and since he likes to try eating all the leaves that fall onto the balcony from the tree outside, maybe we should try getting some cat grass. We usually didn't bother with cat grass, because every time we tried it, Oreo would pull it up by the roots, which never agreed with him.

We had planted the grass half a week before we took Oreo to the vet, so it was already growing by the time we were supposed to switch his diet. And, since he seemed to be losing interest in the food by the time it was ready, we were like, "That's okay! We have a new and unusual treat!" So I cut up some of the grass (so he couldn't pull it up by the roots) and fed it to him in a bowl. He loved it! And it was so cute to give him some grass, and have him eat it! We thought about the scriptures that talk about how the lion will eat grass like the ox, and it was so heartwarming...

...and as it turns out, it probably wasn't the roots that didn't agree with Oreo. Well darn. It probably wouldn't have been so much of a problem, except for the fact that he had a hard time keeping other things down after that. Of course, if he'd stuck to the hypoallergenic food, he probably would have been fine. Or at least finer, anyway. But we didn't know his tummy was so unstable, and we do so love to give him little bits of food from our dinner, especially when his main diet has been reduced to only one flavor.

Anyway, we realized our mistake and determined not to give him anything but the food he was supposed to be eating. As for Oreo, he determined not to eat the food he was supposed to be eating. In fact, today he tried to eat a LAN cable. I don't know if he blames the new food for the problems he was having yesterday or if he just hates it that much. Athena even put treats in it, and he refused to finish the treats that were in it, because he had had enough of that crazy food.

But we held firm! We refused to share our lunch with him! Well, I sort of refused. I told him that if he went and ate some of his hypoallergenic food, then I would share with him when he came back. But he refused, so I refused. So there.

And then Oreo vomited bile and we were forced to feed him something else.

Okay, so technically we weren't forced, but if his liver was starting to go crazy, that would kind of negate all our intentions for denying him any other food. So we gave him some wet food, and then we wanted to give him some medicine to let him know that if he makes himself sick, he has to face the consequences. But we didn't want to make the situation worse by giving him medicine that could mess with his already delicate system, so we squirted water down his throat instead. We're not sure if it was as effective, but at least I think we startled him.

We have another appointment with the veterinarian in a week (assuming we have any money by then...), so maybe we can figure out some way to deal with this. In the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye on him. On the bright(?) side, Page still seems fond of the new food.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo's lack of eating being caused by stubbornness rather than nausea (even if it does mean he's a punk), getting our column written (oh yeah, we still need to turn it in), the yummy cookies we had for a snack today, getting to work on some Akiyoshi stuff today, and figuring out how remote play works on the PSP.
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