June 4th, 2010



Yesterday, the Disney Parks Blog announced that they were giving away tickets to the premiere of World of Color, the fancy new water show that's opening up at California Adventure next week. We're already sort of planning to go (assuming we can get any money) the Monday after it opens, but hey, premiere! And the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to go. You never know who could be at a premiere, after all!

So when they announced that the contest would start at noon, we were all set to go right back to Twitter at noon to enter! ...Then we got distracted with translating, and we didn't make it to Twitter until 12:15! Oh no!!! That's okay, we'll do our best!

So we raced to the blog entry describing the contest! There were three trivia questions about the making of World of Color, and the first fifty people to answer correctly would get tickets! Oh no! We haven't read any of the making of World of Color posts! We wanted to save them until after we saw the show! Aaaahhhh!

But wait! because we still wanted to watch them after we saw the show, we bookmarked all of them! And not only that, but we even put them in a handy little bookmark folder! Yay! So we were able to find the answers to two of the questions, but the first one was about something we apparently forgot to bookmark! Oh no!!!

Google to the rescue! We managed to find the answer and bam! we sent in our e-mails with the answers by 12:30! But half an hour is an awfully long time on the internet. There's a strong possibility that we missed the cut-off. Or maybe we weren't careful enough and got the answers wrong! Or maybe they saw our similar names and thought we were one person trying to enter twice! But we answered with the exact same answers! What would be the point in answering twice? Unless we (as one person) had three friends we wanted to take. But then we would have just sent them to enter themselves! Oh no, oh no...

It wasn't until three o'clock that they announced that they'd received enough answers and they weren't taking any more. If half an hour is a long time, three hours is even longer! Maybe we made it after all!! Now we just had to wait until noon the next day (today) to see if we got a fateful e-mail.


Noon came and went, and there was no e-mail. Boo. Well, that was kind of a let-down, but oh well. We would just have to cheer ourselves up by doing some service. So off we went to index some names for Family Search. Things were going pretty well, but today's batches of names were unusually long compared to the indexing batches we'd done in the past. That wouldn't have been a problem at all, except! that the power went out when we were both halfway done or more! Noooooooooooo!!!

It's interesting how much you want to do stuff with electricity when you can't. We have plenty of things to do that don't require any electricity, but suddenly what I wanted to do most was check e-mail.

Anyway, after about... actually I have no idea, because I don't know what time the power went off (and since all the clocks lost their power we couldn't just glance at them). But anyway, the power came back on, and fortunately, all our data for the name indexing had been saved. But by then, we'd lost our motivation, so we're going to finish that tomorrow.

Right when the power came back, we got a phone call, and we thought maybe it would be someone calling to talk about the sudden strange event! But it was just the apartment office, making a courtesy call in case we forgot that rent is due yesterday. We didn't forget; we were just hoping to get some more money in the mail before paying. And we didn't get any mail today. So today's kind of been full of little bummers.

But! then we went to Square-Enix Members and got enough items to actually synthesize stuff, so today hasn't been all bad. And! we put batteries in two of the nifty flashlights we got one day when we were somewhere that had a pack of five flashlights and we thought, "Hey, we might want to get some flashlights in case we ever need them." They're cool, because the part with the light swivels, so you can stand the light up on its handle and still have it point at the wall or wherever you want it to point! And the little ones (the set came with one big one and four little ones) clip on to stuff!

Today I'm thankful for having flashlights in case the power stayed out overnight, all our name indexing being saved, having batteries to put in our flashlights, the power coming back on after not too long, and being surrounded by adorable kitties once again.