June 3rd, 2010


Summer Wars

A longish time ago, our Japanese penpal Clay started talking about the new Evangelion movie, because he's a big Evangelion fan. And since it has the same character designer, he also started talking about Summer Wars. He said he hadn't seen it yet, but from what he heard, we'd probably like it. Based on what he heard, we figured we'd probably like it too, and I said as much to him.

Later, he saw the movie himself, and it became one of his favorites. He said that it's a really good depiction of Japan itself--like if anyone were to ask him, "What's Japan like?" he would show them Summer Wars to answer their question. That sounded really cool, and when he put it like that, I was like, "Man, now I want to show it to everyone, and I haven't even seen it!"

During the whole conversation (since it went on over a few e-mails), I kept saying, "I want to see it! If only we had the money to buy it..." It was by no means an attempt to get him to buy it for us (more of a way to say, "I really am interested! I just can't do anything about it right now."), but! in one e-mail he offered to do just that. And not only that! but he asked if we could watch Blu-ray. Well, we hate to say no to offers like that, so we gave him our address, making sure to say, "If it's not a problem" (though sometimes I wonder if that only makes people want to do things like that even more...).

And! he had Amazon ship it directly to us, which had us in shock because Amazon overseas shipping prices are insane. I wonder if we should have warned him about that...

When Clay e-mailed to let us know that the order had been made, we thanked him profusely and started eagerly awaiting our package. And on Tuesday! it finally arrived! Tadah! The box was a lot bigger than what we expected for a Blu-ray disc, and in fact when we opened the package, it turned out that the box was much larger than it needed to be. But it also turned out that Clay had been kind enough to order us the special edition Summer Wars Blu-ray that came with an art book and set of hanafuda cards! Eeee!

Then things went crazy on Tuesday, so we didn't get a chance to watch it. But we did watch it last night! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for Clay being kind enough to buy us Summer Wars on Blu-ray with nifty extras, having time to watch it yesterday, Summer Wars, catching my typos before I end up saving that I typed "Summer Wards" (that procedural memory), and having a neat set of hanafuda cards to try out!