June 1st, 2010


Scheduling problems

Our whole schedule has been unpredictable all week! Since last week, even! See, a loooooong time ago, we got about halfway through with our for-fun translation of the last volume of Saiyuki Reload, and since we were making good progress on Gakuen Alice and we didn't have any other official deadlines, we thought we'd be able to finally finish it up on Friday. Unfortunately, Gakuen Alice took just a liiiittle bit longer than expected, so we decided to push Saiyuki back to Monday. Then the barbecue came up, so we're like, "That's okay; we can work on Saiyuki on Tuesday."

Well. Here it is Tuesday, and as you've probably guessed by now, we haven't yet worked on Saiyuki. Today's culprit: veterinary appointments. Originally, the plan was to schedule the appointment for mid to late afternoon, and that would have given us plenty of time for Saiyuki. See, the tricky thing is Saiyuki does not take much time at all to translate. But the last time we worked on it, a whole bunch of exposition snuck up on us, and, it being the last volume of Reload, we realized there could very well be more. So we want to make sure we have enough time to finish it, without being interrupted to go other places right as they're about to deliver the finishing blow, or--even worse--during the denouement.

Going to the vet after our normal working hours would probably have given us enough time to do that. But! Celeste, who is kind enough to drive us to the vet, will be tutoring young children at the time we originally scheduled. That's okay, we'll just schedule the appointment for earlier, then have the rest of the day to work on Saiyuki for as long as we need to. But the best time for Celeste's schedule ended up being two o'clock, and that's kind of a half-hearted time for scheduling any kind of "work."

So instead we worked on something for Del Rey that was technically due a month ago but got pushed back because the book isn't really available in Japan. We have a copy because when it was due, we freaked out because we didn't have the book, so we ordered it from Kinokuniya.

In the meantime! (and maybe I should have started out with this topic, because it's the one causing the most turmoil) Pappy (Grandpa on our Mom's side) has offered to help pay our airfare to go to the Smyly family reunion. That sounds pretty awesome; we hardly know anyone on that side of the family, and it would be good to rectify that. But!!! the reunion is the same weekend! the same weekend!! as Anime Expo! Ooooohhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo!!!

And here we finally made our hotel reservation and were getting really excited about going to AX. Of course, we could probably e-mail Pappy and thank him for the offer, explain the situation, and ask if we could go at a different, lower airfare time. But on the other hand, the way our finances are going right now, we're not sure we can afford to go to AX anyway. But we waaaannnt to!!! (The family reunion would be much cheaper, since we wouldn't have to pay for a hotel.)

Anyway, I think that if there's the slightest chance we can afford going to Anime Expo, I want to take it. But if we decline the invitation to the family reunion and then end up not being able to go to Anime Expo after all, it would be kind of sad. And if we want to go to the family reunion, we have to get our tickets ASAP, so it would be hard to say, "Well, let's just wait a while to see if anything comes up to help us get to AX, and if nothing happens, we'll go to the reunion." And it would not be nice at all to say, "Well, for now we'll say we're going, but if we suddenly get a lot of money, see you later, suckers!"

Sigh. Decisions, decisions.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being kind enough to take us to the vet, being invited to the family reunion (and being offered a way to get there; that's the important part), getting to have a nice laid-back translation session today, getting a package today, and not being bothered by the sunburns we got yesterday (except for the "Aww, man! We got sunburned!" factor).