May 30th, 2010


Kitty troubles

Yesterday was kind of crazy. Actually it was kind of full of video games. And craziness.

See, we'd been noticing that Oreo had been vomiting again. We were hoping it was just the weather, because it's been fluctuating, and that would (we think) make him nauseous, so he wouldn't be eating, and that would mess with his digestive system. But the problems became more and more frequent. We kept hoping for the best, though, because we can't afford hospital trips or expensive tests, and we hate taking cats to the vet.

Finally last night, the vomiting was a bit more projectile, and we realized things were serious. It was already past midnight, so if we called a veterinarian it would have to be an emergency center, and those are more expensive. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and give him some of his old prednisolone. Don't worry; we checked the expiration date, and it's still good (at least for a couple of weeks).

Still, the idea of starting Oreo back on steroids was not the most appealing, and I was really worried that we'd end up wreaking havoc with his insides or something by using medicine without a doctor's approval. But we prayed about it, and I prayed that if it was a bad idea, Oreo would run away so that we couldn't get to him. And he stayed right in place, even as he watched Athena get the nasty medicine ready to pour down his throat.

After church, we asked Brother H for some advice now that we've gone and given Oreo the medicine. Like, would it be okay to just give him one hit (he can't gain a dependency if he only takes it once, right?), or are we going to need to wean him off of it, or what. He said he couldn't say for sure, since he's not a gastroenterologist or a veterinarian, but usually when there are flare-ups like that, they hit them really hard with the medicine and wean them off again. So we'll probably give Oreo another dose tonight.

Right now, he seems to be doing very well. He hasn't vomited since last night, which is a very good thing, because neither of us would be surprised if he was getting close to tearing open his tummy again, poor thing. He has been a little annoyed, but we think that's more because of Page than anything else. And tomorrow we'll call the vet for further advice.

Today I'm very thankful for Oreo doing well, having a bit of help deciding whether it was the right thing to give him the medicine, still having non-expired medicine on hand, having Brother H (who is more knowledgeable about medicine than we are, even if his specialty is humans) to ask for advice, and the adorable Cinderella chapter in Labyrinth of Grimm.