May 29th, 2010


More Labyrinth of Grimm fangirling

The other day, lyschan pointed out that visual aids would greatly enhance our Labyrinth of Grimm fangirling. Actually, because it's a visual novel, we have to imagine a lot of the action, even when playing the game. Not only action, either. There was one scene where Henrietta was like, "Tadah! How do you like my new apron?" and she was wearing the exact same outfit she always wears. But since we did talk about character designs and stuff, we figure it would at least be polite to make sure everybody who was kind enough to read our ramblings had a chance to see who all we were rambling about.

(It would be fun to illustrate these things hyperboleandahalf-style, but... we're just too lazy.)

We tried (briefly) to figure out if we could get screen captures from the PSP on our computer, but we had no luck, so instead, we'll just link to the official website's character pages! There's no romaji, so we'll just provide links to each character's page.

Henrietta Grimm
Ludwig Grimm
Red Riding Hood
The Pied Piper (of) Hameln
The Frog Prince
Princess Brier Rose
The Brier Prince
Jacob Grimm
Wilhelm Grimm

There are two more, but those are the important ones. We also edited the last post we made about Labyrinth of Grimm to include a link to a photo we took of the PSP showing a picture of one of the big plot points we were talking about. Why the link and not the photo? That's a very good question.

Anyway, we finished up Ludwig's storyline last night, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting a chance to log in to Fantasy Earth Zero before they erased our characters, Oreo eating plenty of breakfast this morning (he's been picky to the point of not eating enough lately; at least, we hope it's just pickiness), sample voices at the Labyrinth of Grimm character pages (Ludwig's sample is like, "Ugh, don't talk to me." XD), finally finishing that first mission in Fantasy Earth Zero (that's what we get for shutting it off in the middle and then not playing again for a month), and finally catching up on Yumeiro Patissiere.