May 22nd, 2010



Nngh, I guess I should update LJ today. Nothing's really happened to talk about, though. Mostly we've just been playing with Square-Enix Members and watching Yumeiro Patissiere. We discovered that you can just take random people with you into party battles, so it's a lot easier to make it through the dungeons, but that probably doesn't make sense to a whole lot of people.

In the meantime, we've kind of been getting really ticked off at people. It's a little silly, too, because we get angry at people for getting angry, thus doing the exact thing we're so upset at people for doing. It's a vicious cycle, but fortunately we're easily distracted. Or we are until we come back to the computer. Maybe we should stay away from our regular internet sites for a while. At least until we're more well-rested. Hmm.

Let's see... Celeste came over last night to hang out a little bit and pick up the statue we bought for Mom. We also got to give her the candy apple we got her as our thanks for feeding our cats, an apple that fortunately survived the trip up to Fresno. I was a little worried because it was in the sun for a while during the drive. I tried to shield it by putting it behind my legs on the floor, but the sun kept changing position (I mean we kept changing position relative to the sun, if you want to get technical), so. But the only blemishes in it when we finally realized, "Oh hey, maybe we should put this in the refrigerator," were a crack in the back and one of the corners of the hat coming off.

Right, that hat thing might need an explanation! It was a special apple. After they dipped it in caramel, they dipped it in chocolate and sprinkles, adding decorations and stuff so it looked like a stylized Mickey Mouse wearing a graduation cap and gown! At first we were just going to get Celeste one of the regular Minnie Mouse ones, but then we remembered oh yeah, she's graduating college! We tend to forget things like that for some reason. Maybe because we live in a bubble. Anyway, we got her the graduation one and she seemed to really like it.

And now Page is meowing at us from the hall, probably because she's afraid of running into Oreo and getting hissed at. Such silly kitties.

Today I'm thankful for our newly clean kitchen floor, getting to go on party battles with a party, Swiffer Sweepers, Fresh & Easy brand chocolate chip peanut butter granola bars, and the adorable candy apples they sell at Disneyland.