May 18th, 2010


Gray day

Here I had been thinking I would be posting about Hameln's ending in Labyrinth of Grimm, but something bigger has come up. This morning started out literally gray, and then turned metaphorically gray, too. Anime News Network reported that CMX is going to be shut down. Later we got the confirmation e-mail from our boss there, and that's when we knew for sure it was official.

The news is very sad for so many reasons. First, CMX was our favorite company to work with. They took care of everything efficiently and professionally, and Jim was always so good about criticism. Whenever he wanted us to change anything, he'd point it out in such a way that made it impossible to get mad at him. We hate making mistakes, so it's always hard to have them pointed out, but he did it in a very nice and understanding way.

And we loved every title they had us working on. Of course, we make it a point to love everything we're working on, but we loved our CMX titles so much that we couldn't wait for the contracts and went out and bought our own copies as soon as a new one was released.

Our boss's e-mail confirmed that we won't be translating anything else for them, even saying that certain of the translations we already did would never see the light of day. Not only is this sad because we have to find some other way to get the rest of I Hate You More Than Anyone (we had even just started a new series for them that never got announced, as far as we know), but it's scary because they've been our most reliable source of income. Remember how yesterday I said we were out of projects on our list, but it was okay because we could find something? That something would have had to have come from CMX. We didn't have a ton of work from them, but they never objected to turning things in early, so if we were out of deadlines, our backup plan was to translate something for CMX, and they'd pay us fast enough that we could pay rent and bills.

If we were rich, we would go on a gigantic CMX shopping spree, in the hopes of turning around DC Comics' decision to shut them down. (Fans can blame DC for the shutdown all they want, but money talks. CMX has a lot of critically acclaimed titles, but apparently they just weren't selling well enough.) But as it is, we just lost an important source of income.

The timing on this is interesting, though, because with our project list dwindling, we had been considering alternative forms of income already. We had even gotten ourselves to the point where we had decided! unless we suddenly get a large influx of work by the time we get back from Disneyland, we're going to apply online to work at Disneyland or the Walt Disney Family Museum. Well, not only is it not looking likely that we'll suddenly get any new titles, we just lost about three of the titles we had (we'll say three and a half, because we still had one book left of Oh! My Brother). It's enough to make me wonder if it would be a good idea to apply in person at Disneyland, since we'll be down there anyway.

Anyway. We are seriously considering translating the rest of I Hate You♥ to make it available to people who can get their own copies of the Japanese version. At the moment, I'm a little bit (probably more than a little bit) angry at fans who refuse to buy things, and we always hated scans anyway, so of course we would need to figure out a way for people to prove they bought the books. Or maybe we'll just give the translations to people we know well enough. Of course, none of that matters until we can actually get the rest of the series, which might take a while, since it's looking like we'll have to get it from Amazon. Unless CD Japan can get it for us... Hm...

Anyway, we'll really miss CMX. We hope that all the great people we've worked with will be given new positions at Wild Storm or DC Comics or something, and we wish them all the best.

Today I'm thankful for having had the privilege of working for CMX, all the great titles we got to work on as a result, Celeste being kind enough to take care of the cats while we're at Disneyland, Page doing much better after her booster shots than after the original shots (she's still a little lethargic, but she definitely has more energy than last time), and finding the envelopes we were looking for at the 99cents Only Store.