May 14th, 2010


Seven, eight, nine, AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

While we were working today, we had to look up the Japanese folk tale, "Bancho Sarayashiki," which means "Dish Mansion at Bancho," though I'm not entirely sure why it would be "dish mansion." We'd have to do some research on etymology or something to find out, and that's just too much effort for lazy old us.

Anyway, it's the story of Okiku, a beautiful servant who worked for an evil samurai who fell in lust with her. She kept turning him down, so he went all Gaston on her and tried to get her into a situation that would force her to become his lover. He made her think she lost one of ten very valuable plates that belonged to his family, so she kept counting them and counting them, but she always came up one short. This terrible mistake could cost her her life, but the samurai said he would make it all go away if she gave in to him. She still refused, so he threw her down a well to her death. Then she became a vengeful spirit, who haunted the samurai, tormenting him by counting to nine and then shrieking. Either the shriek was to represent the tenth plate, or it was an expression of the anguish she felt over still not finding it.

Either way, that sounds pretty creepy. But on the other hand, if I think about one of our little sisters following us around, counting to nine, and then shrieking, that's not creepy at all--it's just annoying. I would probably smack her... actually, no, I probably would have gone to Mom or Dad to make her stop. Either way, it's still not creepy. But thinking about the ghost story... for some reason, the whole ghost thing makes it creepy. Maybe it's the fact that you can't smack a ghost. I don't know. Just an interesting thing to think about.

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Today I'm thankful for not being responsible for valuable plates, discovering that yes we will be able to eventually get Ludwig's happy ending, finally finishing the chocolate ice cream that had been in our freezer for way too long, not being forced to play Capture the Flag, and fond memories of Hey Dude!.