May 11th, 2010


Do the Mario!

It's so exciting to get water today! The water has been coming out of our faucet more and more slowly, and we finally got around to reporting it today. We hate to report things so much that by the time we finally do, it's always such an exciting contrast. Now we can fill a glass of water in like three seconds! As opposed to the two minutes (at least) that it felt like it was taking before.

Celeste was having a bad day yesterday, so we invited her over to watch The Super Mario Brother Super Show DVDs we got when we were visiting Aurora and husband in Los Angeles. Man oh man, was that a blast from the past. That show first started when we were seven, and I remember watching it every day. And despite not having seen the show in several years (maybe close to twenty! ack!), we still remembered the opening sequence very vividly. I wonder if we saw a video on the internet while we were at college or something. We never did forget the first verse to the opening theme, though.

The great part about this show is that, while it is far from a masterpiece, it's still fun to watch, even grown up! I was a little afraid that the nostalgia factor would be the only thing holding my attention, but all the dumb jokes are still funny. I admit that the entertainment factor is similar to the entertainment we get from watching Captain EO, but this time I think more of it is intentional.

One thing that we didn't pay attention to as much when we were kids is how they used all the sound effects from the Super Mario Bros. video game. Sometimes it's a little over the top, but sometimes it's awesome, like when all the shy guys fell over the waterfall and it used the death sound effect.

Another thing we didn't realize when we were little is that all the guest stars were like super famous. We probably had an inkling, like we knew they were famous but we weren't familiar with anything else they were in. Especially when they had, like, Elvira, since she was parodied in other cartoons we were watching. Of course, we're still not familiar with most of their work, so when Sergeant Slaughter was on, I didn't know he was famous until they credited him as playing himself. But now that we've figured it out, we're excited to see who all they got to be on the show. (We only had time for three episodes last night.)

Come to think of it, the name Sergeant Slaughter does ring a bell somewhere in the back of my mind, so maybe we recognized him when we were seven.

Now if only they didn't have to have all the Legend of Zelda episodes in a separate collection. Come to think of it, maybe that's why we remember the opening sequence so well. We had a video of a Legend of Zelda episode that we probably watched for a long time after the series was canceled, and of course they still had the Mario Brothers live-action segments. Anyway, one of these days, we're going to have to get the Zelda episodes, too.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste convincing us to get that DVD collection, getting to have a blast from the past, finishing the first draft of the translation we were working on, having extra time to play today, and getting our sinks fixed (while we couldn't get water from the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink was clogged!).