May 5th, 2010


Further Disneyland exploits

Today has been a very strange day, because we decided not to worry too much about getting any work done. And we're going through the temple today, which means I need to get started on LJ early if I want to finish this Disneyland report. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully I can still type coherently.

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And that concludes another day at Disneyland. I do wish we'd gotten to take Kimee to Pixie Hollow (I want to meet Silvermist and Terence!), but that's life, I guess. We have a friend who expressed an interest in going sometime this month, and I think she's a fairy fan, so we'll see...

Today I'm thankful for having a nice yummy bag of chocolate caramel popcorn, not having to worry about not getting the book we were waiting for, getting to order manga and other books, getting to see the fancy light show at Pixie Hollow again, and having an adorable Page looking down at me from the top bunk.