May 2nd, 2010


We're back!

We've been home for a while now, but it took a while to muster the energy to post. This weekend was really fun, but it was also a fairly intense trial of our patience. We got home at about three-thirty last night, and then we had to shower and get up early so as to get our pets home from the hotel, and then we had church and choir practice.

It was kinda neat, though, because our lesson in Relief Society was on patience, so it was like, "Here's a field test! And here's a lesson to remind you why you should have tried harder not to fail." We think we did pretty well for the most part, but we did get pretty mean towards the end (though some of that may have come more from Gaston's evil influence). More on that in the official report.

When we got home at three-thirty, our door was covered in construction-paper hearts! We had been heart attacked!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Some lovely person (or possibly people) wrote a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines on a bunch of pink hearts of varying sizes, and there were big red Xs and Os. We assume they meant kisses and hugs, not batsus and marus.

Anyway. The idea of uploading pictures for an illustrated report is far too exhausting, so I think we will continue as usual and post the report and pictures separately. It's just as well, because Mom brought a camera, too, and she got most of the "here's the cool stuff we did!" pictures, while a lot of my pictures are stuff like, "Look at the pretty (not-)wild flowers!"

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And now I'm out of energy, so I will continue the report tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for everybody making it back to Fresno safely, having our kitties back, our friend being kind enough to drive us to the Pets Hotel this morning on really short notice, having really pretty temple clothes, and getting to see the American Girl store.