April 28th, 2010



After yesterday, we were planning to have a nice, semi-relaxing day of a little bit of work followed by getting ready for our trip followed by full-blown relaxing. But not today! Today ended up being very stressful instead. See, by the time we went to bed last night, Page was very lethargic, and not her usual ball-of-energy self. This morning, when people were waking up (usually the time Page starts running around rubbing people's faces), she didn't appear to have moved from the spot she was in when we went to sleep. We did our work anyway, but it was accompanied by a heck of a lot of worry and stress.

We were only planning to work until lunch, and lunch couldn't come soon enough. We made sure to eat in case we ended up running all over town, and then I called the vet. The nurse I talked to said we could take Page in if we wanted to, but lethargy is actually very common after getting vaccines, and it usually wears off after a day or two. The only real concern is that she's not eating, but sometimes that comes with the lethargy. So we're still keeping an eye on her, but we're a lot less worried about her.

Shortly after my worry about Page was alleviated, I accidentally got Oreo to hiss at me. We think he's got a sore joint in his leg, either from arthritis or a fight with Page. He went into hiding, and had us worried all over again, but now he's back, so the main stress we have now is just residual. And we do hope that Page gets her energy back soon.

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Today I'm thankful for managing to finish the last Birth by Sleep mission on Square-Enix Members before the deadline, Oreo not hiding from us anymore, having delicious juice to drink, getting to go to Disneyland soon!, and managing to get some work done despite all the stress.