April 27th, 2010

kid flash


This week has been terrible for getting any kind of work done. I know it's only Tuesday, but we're leaving on Thursday. Today we got probably about forty-five minutes of work done. We got a late start, probably because so many people updated LJ before we woke up (but we like for people to update LJ, so we're not complaining).

And then we had to put stuff in the mail, during which process we discovered that that contract we were supposed to be getting had already arrived. Five days ago. And the deadline listed on it? Four days ago. So we quickly e-mailed our boss and got permission to not commit seppuku or anything like that; getting it in next week will be fine. That's especially good because we don't have the book yet. It's set to arrive while we're at Disneyland. Ooooohhhhh nooooo!!! But that's okay, because we were planning to raid the apartment office on Monday anyway, because we got a shipping confirmation from Play Asia! We don't know when it will get here and we can't track it because we used cheap shipping, but soon we'll have a copy of Labyrinth of Grimm! Yay!

Anyway. While we were working, we got a call from Ponyo, asking if we could go on a church tour! The role-playing in church tours is a little hard for us, but if they needed people, we would be happy to help out! ...but as it turned out, they couldn't get a hold of the other person that they really wanted to take the tour, so they decided to reschedule. But the call from Ponyo was very important, because it reminded us that we can call Ponyo for help with stuff, and as it turned out, we were going to need it.

After lunch, I was going to call the Pets Hotel to make a reservation for Oreo and Page, but just in case, I decided to check the paperwork to make sure Page had both the necessary vaccines. The paperwork we had only listed one. Dun dun DUN! And they want the cats to have gotten the vaccine at least 48 hours before check-in! But even if we got her the vaccine today, it would have been only 44 hours! Oooohhhh nooooo!!

So we started calling people to see if we could work something out. First we called Mom to see if she had any ideas. She didn't pick up. Then we called the Relief Society president, because she's offered to feed our cats in the past, and maybe she would be kind enough to step in now. She didn't pick up. Oh yeah, she has class all day on Tuesdays, boo. Finally, we thought, hey, maybe if we call the Pets Hotel, we can work something out. So I called the hotel and, lo and behold, they don't mean 48 hours exactly, they just mean sometime on the day two days before check-in.

Awesome! Now we just need a ride to the vet! So I called Mom. She still wasn't picking up. Just as well; she wouldn't have had a car anyway. Then we remembered! Ponyo! So I called her and she said she was just hanging around the house, and was ready to drive us whenever we had an appointment! Yay!

So we took Page to the vet, which was extra nice, because we've been wanting to let Doctor G know that Oreo is still alive and well. There was a little nervous moment when they said they wanted to test to make sure Page didn't already have feline HIV before giving her the vaccine. Not only would they not let her into the hotel in that case, but then she would have FIV, and that doesn't sound good. But the test came out negative, and now Page is all vaccinated and ready to go to the Pets Hotel!

By the time we got home, we figured we might as well blow off the rest of our work day, and thus I have been typing up this entry. And now I've already written a long entry when I had sort of been planning on discussing Gyakuten Honey, since we've both read it now and I don't want to wait so long that I've forgotten all about it. Hopefully I'll have the yoyuu to talk about it tomorrow.

Today I'm very thankful for Ponyo and her brother driving us to the vet, getting Page's vaccines just in the nick of time!, getting to let the doctor know that Oreo's doing well, getting that contract (why oh why oh why don't the delivery people tell us when we've gotten packages?), and getting a little bit of work done today despite the craziness.