April 26th, 2010


Oooohhhh noooooooo!!!

So. I think it's been established that I am a sucker, but I wanted to point that out right off the bat so we can get the eye-rolling over with. I'm sure there will be more eye-rolling as this post goes on, but please try to be discreet.

It started as a regular morning. We were going through our morning routine and stuff, and since Athena sometimes takes longer to braid her hair, I sometimes use that extra time to do necessary little things that aren't on the usual schedule. Today I had to call Mom to see if she had any advice on making sure our cats get taken care of while we're at Disneyland (all the people we'd normally ask to feed them will be on the trip with us!). The call got interrupted by someone calling her with something work-related, and she said she'd call back.

The time it takes for Mom to call back varies wildly, so we continued with our normal schedule and got out the Japanese Books of Mormon to read our daily chapter. We like to start out with a prayer, but this time, Mom called back right in the middle of it! So we rushed the prayer to a close, and I talked to Mom on the phone. We got some details sorted out about the trip and taking cats to the Pets Hotel, and then we got back to our scriptures.

We had just started our new, intended to be non-rushed, prayer when the phone rang again! Maybe Mom just remembered something that she needed to tell us. But surprise! it was a telemarketer! They tend to trick us a lot by calling right after I hung up with Mom or Celeste. This time, it was a guy who was very excited to sell us some tool pens with which to advertise our business. We're not really into advertising, but I didn't want to flat out turn him down for two reasons. First, tool pens sound really cool--they're a ball-point pen on one side and a reversible screwdriver on the other! That's awesome! And we don't even use screwdrivers that often! (Athena: Only 'cause we don't have one (...which is not true).)

The second reason was that, as I hemmed and hawed, he kept sweetening the deal like salesman do, and eventually he threw in five of their new executive style pens ("they write like butter," I think is the phrase he used) worth $70 for free! Wow! (I already told you I'm a sucker. Also, he was far more enthusiastic than I've seen anybody be in a long time, and that was kind of new and refreshing, so...) So I gave in, and I'm actually a little excited about it, except for the fact that whenever they sell stuff like this, you not only have to buy in bulk, you have to buy in the bulkiest bulk there is. Okay, so actually not The Bulkiest, but still more tool pens than we'll probably ever use (or give away) in a lifetime. And I really like the idea of the executive pens, because ever since meeting Eric Goldberg, I've been wanting a pen that writes really well.

Now that I'd bought a massive amount of pens, we were finally able to get back to our scriptures and eventually get to work. But we weren't at work long before the phone rang again. This time, it was another telemarketer! Boo! And this was a telemarketer we've dealt with in the past, who is very, very persistent. She works for a company that... I think I've mentioned it before. It's an organization of disabled people who paint pictures for greeting cards and make key-chains and stuff. And for some reason, they can only sell in gigantic bulk to businesses. And she's gotten me almost every time almost solely with the guilt factor.

But today, we had already bought pointless things that we don't need in the slightest in bulk, and we weren't prepared to do it again, even if it was for disabled people. So I managed to talk her into calling in a week, so I could figure out if we really had enough money to help them out (I mean heck, if we can afford a trip to Disneyland...) or if I could work up enough resolve to tell her no. I think what I want to do is say no, we really can't afford to buy anything from you, but we know some people who would be interested in buying if they could buy, like, one or two cards (or maybe even ten) at a time instead of three thousand (actually seventy-two). Have you thought about making a website? (Come to think of it, for all we know, they have a website already...)

Anyway. It wasn't long after I hung up that the phone rang again. This time it was Mom, and after lamenting our predicament to her, we decided it would be okay to turn off the phone's ringer. It's been much quieter since then. At least in regards to the phone.

And then we got an e-mail from our boss at Del Rey indicating there will be more Night Head Genesis on the horizon. This is excellent because not only were we on the last project on our list of assignments, but Night Head Genesis is easy to translate.

Today I'm thankful for the idea of shiny new pens that write really well!, having cookie dough to bake, having a plan for taking care of the kitties while we're gone, having assignments on the horizon, and Hulu for when we miss Castle.
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