April 23rd, 2010


Saiyuki and cooking demonstrations and stuff

Whew, today has been so busy! We took the day off to finally work on the volume of Saiyuki Reload that we've had since whenever it was we actually got it, but it's been out for six months. But Celeste called and said she was going to take us grocery shopping this afternoon, so we decided we'd rather not be interrupted at the end of this volume, because it's the last volume of Saiyuki Reload! Aaaahhhh!!! So we only translated about half of it, and man, is it intense. There's an announcement at the back of it that has us a little concerned, but it's probably good news, and in the bit we did translate there was a flashback to a line in volume four, so we went back to check it for consistency and we were like, "Seriously? That's what we translated it to?" And we were sad. Oh well.

We played around with Japanese Square-Enix Members for a while, as we waited for Celeste to show up, and then she came and we went to IHOP, and then we went grocery shopping, where we were singing music from the Tiki Room all through the store. We couldn't remember the lyrics, because they're Hawaiian, but it was a lot of fun.

And now we're back Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Pixie Hollow light show, having another Disney's Greatest Hits CD, getting to go to IHOP with Celeste, finally getting started on the last volume of Saiyuki Reload, and having had another great trip to Disneyland.