April 16th, 2010


Of Manga Artists and Keyblade Masters

Somehow Square-Enix Members has a habit of eating up all our time. We just spent like an hour there, and all we wanted to do was write a brief journal entry on what we like about Birth by Sleep, and then fill out a survey (we like surveys about things we like). The Japanese side of Square-Enix Members is giving away Kingdom Hearts PSP themes to the members who complete the missions, and those were two of them. There's another one that's writing a letter to your favorite character, but the deadline is farther away for that one, so we're going to do it later.

Anyway. Speaking of video games, there was something I wanted to talk about yesterday, but I forgot! It's a new game coming out for DS called Mangaka Monogatari (Manga Artist Story), and you play as a manga artist! We didn't read all the details about gameplay, because we tend to make decisions based on titles, and Mangaka Monogatari was good enough for us. But it looks like it's adventure game where you play as a (female) manga artist.

...I just checked the article again. Apparently you have to write your own manga, and as you succeed in your manga career, you meet different people, including characters to be potential awesome boyfriends. Here's the article. I think the manga character at the bottom expresses our reaction to the whole game pretty well: ウフフ。なにそれ、おもしろーい!

Not a whole lot else to report. We're really anxious to go to Disneyland. Oh! The pins we bought on eBay got here last night, so we're excited to do some pin trading, too. But we also have mixed feelings about it, because why would we want to spend so much time deciding what pins to trade when we could be off watching a show or riding a ride? But now we'll be prepared if we see a cast member with a super awesome pin that we want!

Actually, a bunch of the pins we got were limited edition or "hidden Mickey" pins, so we're not sure how many of them we really want to trade away... But I think probably it would be best to just go with whatever we think is prettiest, since we're not in it for the investment. But we'll probably keep the hidden Mickey pins for trading with non-cast member pin traders. Although we're not entirely sure what kind of demand those are in. Hm. Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of pretty pins to trade, interesting-looking video games about being manga artists, surveys about Kingdom Hearts (I just remembered we forgot to mention the Three Caballeros in the favorite Disney characters field; not that we particularly like them, but they could do some interesting story stuff with them, we bet, since Donald is one), finishing work early despite taking time out to "window" shop online for sewing patterns, and Life cereal.