April 10th, 2010

kid flash


Wow, today has been busy! But mostly with the exact same thing over and over and over, so I feel like it wasn't really all that busy, because I was only doing one thing. See, as I mentioned yesterday, we found out on Thursday that Sarah and Celeste had been asked to sing a song in Relief Society on Sunday, and they needed an accompanist. So we spent a very long time practicing. It was good, because I think practicing with singers helps me to not freak out when suddenly oh hey, there's singers. I still need to work on the third verse, but man, I'm tired of practicing. It's a really pretty song, and I like it a lot, but it takes a lot of energy.

But! while I was practicing with Celeste and Sarah, Athena was busy inputting the Blue Badger theme music into Band Brothers, so now we can play the music on our DSes! Awesome!

Other productivity today included going to Fresh & Easy, getting cash, and buying things so as to obtain quarters. They still had some Dove chocolate eggs leftover from Easter, so we got a bag for $1.50! And then we had enough quarters to do laundry.

While I was practicing the piano, I kept looking over my shoulder to ask the singers what they wanted to do next, and as I did, my eyes met the bookshelf, which has been in the sun lo these many (actually few) years. And there's a bunch of manga with faded spines that makes us very very sad. So! when we got back to non-piano practice type things, we went to Jo-Ann's online to not only order some muslin so we can make a curtain for the bookshelves (we're going to decorate it with Something Awesome (yet to be determined)), but! that samurai cross-stitch pattern that we've been longing for for so long. (Cross-stitch stuff was on sale! Yay!)

And while we were busy splurging on that, Mom was doing our taxes, and we discovered that we do have enough money to do fancy Disneyland things on our birthday! Woohoo! We haven't decided if we're going to splurge enough to stay at the Disneyland hotel yet or not, because the way things are going, we definitely need to not go crazy. But we can definitely afford a tour or something. And! thanks to Twitter, we learned that you can go to eBay and get a bunch of Disney pins to trade for cheap. So we ordered a set of twenty-five, and we will be trading fiends!!! Only not, but we can do some trading, and we're pretty excited about that, too.

But now we need to stop spending money like it's water and... go do something productive, I guess. I still have hymns to practice for our own ward's Relief Society tomorrow, after all.

Today I'm thankful for getting to practice that song a lot, having enough money for our big birthday plans, the samurai cross-stitch pattern being on sale, getting to play the Blue Badger theme on our DSes, and getting a chance to see if we really enjoy pin trading.