April 6th, 2010

kid flash

Where does the time go?

We take the day off, and we still don't have nearly enough free time! I guess you could say that today fell prey to Research. Only not really, because part of that "research" involved going to Yahoo! Answers to see if we could come up with topics for a column, and then thinking maybe it would be better to go to the Japanese version, and then getting sidetracked by all the random questions like, "If Bleach becomes a Hollywood movie, do you think these other two titles might someday be Hollywood movies, too?"

We watched the squeakquel to the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie yesterday, and we could see why Celeste was disappointed in it. I think what happened was this: they were already planning a second movie, so they started writing the one storyline, and then all the fans were like, "Are the Chipettes gonna be in it? Are they? Are they? Pleeeeeeease tell me they're in it!!!" So they went ahead and added the Chipettes, and then they had too much story and not enough movie to fit it into. It was still entertaining, and we're glad we have it, but it just wasn't satisfying enough. It's kind of tantalizing, like eating only one slice of pizza.

On the other hand, some people are okay with just one slice of pizza, so maybe that wasn't the best example. But most people I know tend to have two slices before they stop eating, and it's not as bad as having only one potato chip.

I think we were planning to watch some of our backlog of Disney movies before getting to Astro Boy, but we hear it's his birthday tomorrow, and what better way to celebrate? So we'll see. We might watch a Disney movie tonight, or some episodes of Gargoyles, or we might decide we'd rather just play Ace Attorney and read manga or something.

Now I think we need to get away from the computer. Today I'm thankful for getting to see Heroman (Stan Lee has his usual cameo, but he's dubbed into Japanese!), getting Astro Boy just in time to watch the movie for his birthday, the bordeaux eggs we got from See's for Easter (so yummy...), still having a big bag of Skittles to start eating at some point when we finally get to it, and getting a column done.