April 5th, 2010


Happy Anniversary!

I wanted to talk more about Easter this weekend, but I ended up not having time to. Maybe I'll talk about it a little more during the week, but today I'm feeling kind of rushed. So instead, here's a link to the LDS Church's First Presidency Easter message.

And I just remembered (after making this whole post) that today is Saiyuki's Goku's birthday, as well as the fifth anniversary of our Live Journal! Yay!

This last weekend was just a little bit crazy, schedule-wise. Mom called a little bit earlier than expected to take us out for the girl's night out after Conference. We went to See's Candy because someone thought it would be neat to each get just one chocolate. It still doesn't make a lot of sense, but one chocolate is a heck of a lot better than zero. It didn't work out that way anyway, because we each got a free sample chocolate, and they had a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs that some of us got Mom to buy for us (we were totally planning on buying our own, but as we waited in line behind Mom, she took them out of my hands and paid for them herself).

Then we went to the restaurant with the fried ice cream. The ice cream itself was very good, but the "fried" part was interesting. Sometimes it was really good and sometimes it was like, "eh." It was definitely an interesting experience, but next time, I'm getting the brownie with ice cream. Except that next time! we might go to a cafe like the one in Happy Cafe! We knew places like that must exist in the US, and Sarah has found a place that, once described, made us think, "Oh my goodness, places like Bonheur really do exist!" So hopefully that happens soon.

And then we went to Best Buy, where we used our remaining Christmas gift card to purchase Astro Boy and the Squeakquel to the Chipmunks movie. We still haven't seen it, and Celeste says she was disappointed in it, but we have faith in it. Or something. Actually I think it's better to go into a movie with zero expectations (like, not expecting it to be good, but not expecting it to be bad, either), because we're noticing that a lot of the time when someone doesn't like something, it seems to have something to do with them hoping for something different. The only problem with our purchase is that we haven't even touched the Disney movies we got last week. Oh, the backlog...

But more importantly, there have been Kitty Developments. On Saturday night, I sat on my bed to read some of The Three Musketeers, and I heard the familiar sound of a cat climbing up to join me. But this time the cat was using the ladder, and Page hasn't figured out how to use the ladder yet! That means... it was Oreo!! Yay!

This actually has deep significance to us. See, the first time we had to take Oreo to a vet for vomiting blood, the doctor took x-rays and discovered that he has some arthritis in his back. He didn't indicate anything about it being serious; he only said that in the future, he might not want to be held as much (he never liked being held anyway) and he might stop jumping on furniture and stuff.

Oreo's behavior stayed pretty much exactly the same after that, but after we brought Page here, he pretty much stayed on the ground all the time. We were worried that he really hurt his back in a fight or something, especially because sometimes he's hiss when we'd touch him on the back after that. But now he's going up to the top bunk regularly! This is very exciting!!

And it's exciting in more ways than one, because Page is just as curious as ever. When we left for Mom's house yesterday, Oreo was on the top bunk again, and occasionally while we were visiting with people, the thought would occur to me: What if Page found her way onto the top bunk and they got into a fight, and while they were rolling around, they fell of the bed and one or both of them broke a leg!? Oooooohhhhh noooooooooooooo!!!!

So we were very happy to discover both cats alive and unharmed when we got home late last night. But Oreo has been extra grumpy since we got back. He went into hiding under the covers, until Page eventually found him. He growled at her a few times, but otherwise it seemed fine until she found his tail sticking out from under the blankets. She just watched it for a while, and then I guess she pounced, because suddenly there was a full-blown cat fight. We were right here to witness it, too, but there was no way to get between them, and of course there was the fear of knocking them down. Fortunately, Page managed to escape onto the computer monitor, and now she's back to keeping a safe distance.

Wow, that's a lot of talking for feeling so rushed. Hm.

Today I'm thankful for having our very own copy of the Astro Boy movie, both cats surviving the fight that broke out today, getting a check on Saturday, Easter chocolate, and after-Easter sales allowing us to get a six-pack of Reese's Eggs for just $1.50!