April 1st, 2010


Happy April Fool's Day!

We tend to not do anything for April Fool's Day, because we're not that creative, but this year, thanks to Twitter, we got to see that they seem to really like the day in Japan. Ryoco Fukuyama started out by confessing that she was actually a man, and the woman everyone saw at her autograph signings was "his" twin sister. She even changed her user icon. Ryotaro Okiayu said something about getting a super-expensive apartment, and then when Masaya Onosaka figured out it was a joke for April Fool's, he was like, "Okay! Well then, I'm the king of the world! And I have a girlfriend!"

Actually, this year, we seriously considered doing a post about how we're just going to leave the manga industry and not look back (we've been dealing with enough issues lately, I think I could make it very believable, too), but then we worried about creating bad karma. So we decided not to. Instead, I'm going to talk about kitties!

Last night, the most amazing thing happened! We sat down at the computer to check e-mail and LJ and everything one more time before bed, and little Page came and sat on my lap. Later, Oreo came in and, despite seeing Page with us, he came and sat down at our feet anyway!! Meowing in loud protest, of course, but still!!

Nevertheless, the cats are still not on good terms, and Oreo has decided that the spot between the computer chairs is his, period. So he's been sitting with us practically all day, while Page has had to keep a safe distance. About an hour into work, she suddenly started meowing very loudly from the hall. She must have been sad and lonely after being deprived of her daily dose of driving us crazy by trying to eat everything on the desk while we're trying to work.

She did manage a few minutes to wreak havoc, though. She got on my lap from the opposite side of where Oreo was, and was a good girl and just sat down for a while (probably because Oreo was watching her and any false step could mean disaster for her), but she inevitably got bored and started chomping on things. First item: my hand. She's so cute, though.

She meows for us, even now.

Today I'm thankful for amusing April Fool's gags, Mootopia commercials, getting to spend lots of time with Oreo today (it was hard not to pause every so often to pet him), having another chance to wear our hand-knit hats today, and our wildlife calendar remembering that Athena's favorite animal was a zebra and having that for the month with our birthday. (We already had an all-tigers calendar, so they knew they didn't need to have a tiger for me.)