March 31st, 2010


One more batch of pictures

So earlier, I was like, "I'm not sure what to post about on LJ today," and Athena was like, "We still have pictures to resize," so we resized them, and now here it is: the final batch of photos from our last Disneyland trip! Wow, that was three whole months ago. Something is wrong with this picture.

Collapse )

Whew, that was a lot of pictures. No wonder we always put off posting them for so long! Of just the ones we posted, there ended up being one hundred and one (think of Roger from 101 Dalmatians, after they count the dogs that came back), so I guess it's just as well that I wasn't able to get a picture of the little hidden area that I arbitrarily decided was Bambi's thicket (but probably not actually big enough).

Today I'm thankful for finally getting all those pictures posted, getting to see Blank Points, adorable Bolt plushies, Oreo being back to his old begging-for-food self (now if we can just get him to sit in laps again...), and silly Japanese language jokes.