March 30th, 2010


I forgot to give this a subject.

First of all, I want to post this link that we got through Lee Unkrich on Twitter. Trust and give it the full minute. We actually saw it several days ago, so it might be old news, but remembering it makes us giggle, so we wanted to share.

Second, since people showed interest, the Mechanical Kingdom (aka Steampunk Disney) pins are on sale now, and you can order them right from the website! Okay, so not technically right from the website, since you have to send an e-mail, but you don't have to get to a Disney Park. On the other hand, they are ridiculously expensive, thus reminding us once again why we never got into pin collecting. On the other hand (pin-trading in general set of hands; we've shifted from the "Steampunk Disney" set), someone pointed out that you can get a bunch of pins for cheap on eBay, and then trade them at the parks for free... hmmm...

Anyway, when we went back to Twitter to find that link, we noticed that WriteRCastle had tweeted a line where he used I as an object, and we took the opportunity to correct him! Normally, we don't like commenting just to correct people, but there was that one episode where he went all grammar Nazi, and that's my big grammar pet peeve. And that made us super nervous! Aaaaaahhhhh!!! He'll probably ignore it anyway, though, so we should just calm down.

Changing the subject, there has been a rather interesting series of kitty encounters today. Oreo emerged from under the bed, and I don't know how or why it happened, but Page planted herself at the entrance to his hideout (we store a few boxes under the bed, so there is kind of a gateway to the rest of the area), and lay there, refusing to move. It's kind of cute--sometimes, when faced with Oreo, she'll lie on the ground with this look on her face like how Ariel looked after King Triton destroyed the statue of Eric. Oreo just stared at her for a while. I don't remember how it was resolved, though.

Later, Oreo came and sat with us, and then he left and Page stole his place. I don't remember how that was resolved, either, but now Oreo is sitting comfortably at our feet while Page lounges on the top bunk.

This entry is all kind of random and strange. Oh well. We have new manga, so it's all good.

Today I'm thankful for being done with Aqua's sidequesting, getting new manga, pin trading tips (whether we use them or not), finally getting to eat lunch today (despite waking up early, we got a late start, and then we kept getting interrupted), and none of the kitty encounters today involving actual fighting.