March 15th, 2010


Random thoughts

I think I have a lot of brief, seemingly random thoughts today. We started another volume of Gakuen Alice, which proves to be just as hard to translate as always. It took us like half an hour to get to the actual story part... okay, probably not half an hour, because a lot of it was copy and paste, but we did only get eight pages done in our first CD, and like three of them might as well have been blank (but weren't, thankfully), so. Interesting story development feints, though. (By which I mean the series (in typical shojo manga fashion) is like, "Hey, look, important revelation by the main character! ...or not. Maybe later.")

We also got the census in the mail today. We've been seeing kind of a lot of commercials that are all like, "Hey man, fill out the census! It's awesome and will make life awesome for you! If you don't fill it out, things might start to suck, but that won't be a problem because the census is awesome!" Then it comes in the mail and the envelope is all like, "FILL ME OUT OR DIE!!!!" Only maybe I'm exaggerating (okay, I'm totally exaggerating), but it's still amusing.

I kind of like filling out census type things, though, and since we've been doing all this name indexing, I've been like, "Aww, how come we don't get to fill out a census?" So I'm kind of excited about it. I'd be even more excited about it if we didn't also have a column to write before getting back to Kingdom Hearts. We really think we're on to something as far as figuring out that last thing we need to figure out. Technically, we could get to Kingdom Hearts anyway and write the column later, but it's better not to procrastinate. I guess.

Last night we watched some 101 Dalmatians extras, and there was one thing where they did a dramatic reenactment of some letter correspondence between Walt Disney and Dodie Smith, the woman who wrote the book that the movie is based on. In one of her letters, she said something like she always wanted it to be an animated movie, and she even pictured some of the scenes in her head as they would be in cartoon. That letter reminded us that the best way to get hand-drawn animation to be popular again would be to write a best-selling novel that everybody would want to make a movie out of and then only sell the rights to whoever will make it into hand-drawn animation.

So we were like, "Man, we need to write a book!" And then we were like, "But writing a book is harrrrrrd!" And besides, it's already been well-established that we're terrible at prose anyway. But that's okay, because if you ask some people (maybe a lot of people?), Twilight might be considered a good example of how you don't have to be a master of prose. Heck, if you ask some people, The Da Vinci Code is a good example of that. I, being terrible at prose in all forms, have no idea what constitutes good prose, so I couldn't comment either way.

But anyway, that doesn't change the fact that we still need to develop an idea enough to actually turn it into a book. Maybe someday...

So about Daylight Savings Time. I think it might be considered evidence that the government is trying to really mess with our heads. It's like, "Oh yay, it feels so much earlier than it really is! I'm so productive earlier in the day! I should get up earlier every day! Oh wait, I do!!! Yay! Good for me!!!" Then we go back to Standard Time and it's all like, "Blaaaaaahhhhhh." We may have gotten that extra hour of sleep, but now we're doing everything later, and Daylight Savings Time has just proved to us that we're more productive when we do things earlier. We could just get up an hour earlier when we're on Standard Time, since it's not like we watch TV or anything that would mess up our schedule... only we kind of do sometimes, I guess, and I think we should watch it more in order to study how people talk... oh never mind, I'm confusing myself.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo coming out to get dinner last night, having a nice long time to pet Oreo while he sat by the computer chairs and Page was settled in the living room, having a nice cuddly Page on my lap, getting to fill out the census, and all the neat stuff we learned about 101 Dalmatians.