March 13th, 2010


Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo♪

The princess cupcakes were pretty good, but not enough to change our opinions about cake (it's alright). But they were also cute, so.

Last night was pretty awesome. Our friend... we'll call her Ponyo... picked us up in time for us to be the first ones there (makes sense, since she was the hostess), and then there were peanut M&Ms. We generally shun M&Ms as a candy, because our brains have been programmed to think of them as boring, but whenever there are peanut M&Ms around, we remember just how amazing they are. And the peanut offsets the sweetness of the chocolate just enough that you can keep eating them forever and ever and not get sick of them. Unless you're allergic to peanuts. But then you probably wouldn't eat any. At any rate, it's probably good that we never buy them, because we'd never stop eating them. Until we got distracted with video games, and then they'd stay on the kitchen counter forever and ever.

When people started arriving, Ponyo had her brother put in the Disney Scene It DVD. He wanted to play the board game version, because the questions on the cards are harder (supposedly), but he was outvoted and we played party mode instead. It was really neat being in a group of people who actually played instead of just assuming that they weren't going to know anything. For one of the questions, we had to identify the item missing from the picture, and it was Winnie the Pooh at a table, looking like he was scooping something--the honey pot was missing. And someone who wasn't us was like, "That was a no-brainer!"

I'm not trying to sound Disney-snobby or anything, but we've spent a lot of time with people who didn't know that Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are different characters until just recently, so this was a nice change of pace.

There was also a discussion about Final Fantasy. One of the guests had recently bought Final Fantasy XIII, so he was listing all the reasons he was disappointed in it. The president of Square-Enix mentioned on Twitter that it takes some patience to get to the really interesting stuff, though, so we're still going to give it a shot. Y'know, eventually. Someday when our dreams come true and our paychecks arrive on time. Anyway, the reason it got brought up was that for some reason he felt the need to point out that RPG characters don't swim, so we pointed out Tidus, and then we got into an argument about how to pronounce Tidus, and the fact that he's a swimmer was never addressed again. Oh well.

Eventually we did actually watch the movie Ponyo. Ponyo(the girl I've arbitrarily named Ponyo)'s entire family joined us, including her parents, who were very cute. Her dad was like, "Now who is that person?" and her mom was like, "That's why we're watching the movie--so we can find out."

I thought a lot of people voted for watching it in Japanese, but somehow it was in English anyway. Nobody really cared though, and after it ended, we watched some clips in Japanese to see what everybody's voices sounded like. Sosuke sounded so much littler! I'm definitely looking forward to watching the whole movie in Japanese someday.

We noticed some changes that didn't seem necessary, except for maybe the adaptation writers thought it was funnier or something. For example, when the little girl from Sosuke's class sees Ponyo, she says, "My fish at home is cuter!" and in the English dub she says, "That's the ugliest fish I've ever seen!" It doesn't really destroy the story to make changes like that, but it does alter the girl's personality a little. Sigh.

After the movie, we got to talking with Ponyo's dad about work and stuff, and he said if things are still slow around June, his company will need some help with data entry type jobs. He's a really nice guy. He also suggested we go right to San Francisco and talk to the people at Viz in person. That's a pretty good idea, and we could visit the Walt Disney Family Museum while we're there, but we are not impulsive people, so we're still Thinking About It.

Today I'm thankful for having a really fun time with friends last night, getting to hear some of the Japanese voices in Ponyo, peanut M&Ms, knowing what hymns I need to practice for tomorrow (this time we had the novel idea of calling someone to find out!), and getting to listen to Disney music this morning while we indexed more names.