March 9th, 2010


Our life-sentence

A while ago, the writer's block question was something about "What six-word sentence would you use to describe your life? How often would your 'life-sentence' change?" We didn't really think about it too much until more_dragoncelt posted her life-sentence, and then pixiepilot commented with her life-sentence, and then chibidrunksanzo commented with her life sentence. That's when Athena said, "I think my life-sentence would be, 'When are we going to Disneyland?'"

I had to agree that that would probably be mine, too. It would change whenever we were at Disneyland, of course, but then it would change back once we left. There are only two instances that would change it more permanently: 1) We move to Japan, and the sentence would then be "When are we going to Disneysea?" 2) We somehow manage our life-long dream of actually living at Disneyland. We have no idea what it would be then. Of course, there's the small possibility we could move to the east coast or something, and then it would probably be "When are we going to Disney World?", but that would technically be seven words, unless it changes to six if we make "when are" into a contraction. Or something.

But anyway, in the spirit of our life-sentence, Collapse )

Tadah! We still have like a million more. Maybe someday we'll post them...

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the back yesterday, getting to buy food yesterday, getting to accomplish two-thirds of our life-long dream of making triple chocolate milkshakes (a trip to Fresh & Easy for some chocolate milk and we'll be set), getting to work on a series that lets us get more than fifty pages done in a day (ah, it's like a breath of fresh air), and getting to pay bills today.