February 18th, 2010


Take that!!

Hey! We've sort of been aware this whole time, but we just really realized that the new Ace Attorney game just came out!! Does anybody have it yet? We're thinking about getting the English version, but alas we have no money.

In the meantime, we finally broke out the extras from the limited edition Japanese version that we got. (It's possible the purchase of the limited edition contributed to our current lack of funds, but that was back last May and what's done is done.) Actually, we looked at most of the extras already, but there were a couple we had been saving for some time when we didn't feel so busy, or when we were on enough of an Ace Attorney kick to get us to remember their existence. And that time (whichever time it was) was last night!

Actually, we waited until work for the one, because it's a soundtrack and we just can't sit still and listen to music. We're listening to it right now (again), and it's amaaaaazing. It's a mini-album of orchestra arrangements of background music from the Edgeworth game. It has! The Taiho-kun Shinkoukyoku... The Blue Badger March!!! Oh my goodness, this is one of my favorite pieces of music ever.

...And I'm now being distracted from it by Page's newfound fascination with the ceiling fan. She's on the top bunk and looking very much like she's actually going to try to attack it. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen, but also incredibly terrifying. We had another terrifying Page moment when she was peering under the bed at Oreo, and he noticed her and started growling, and she walked FORWARD!!! What was she thinking!? We also got distracted in the middle of the Blue Badger March the first time it came up, when the cats started whining at each other earlier today. Apparently we have bad luck with marches and cats named Page today.

The other extra was a DVD containing a bunch of promotional material. They just posted an English version of one of them at the Capcom Unity blog, and oh my goodness, does Capcom know how to make trailers.

The DVD we got also comes with little scenario thingies, like one where Wendy Oldbag comes along and shows us how much she loves Miles Edgeworth by showing us a montage of Edgeworth highlights from the first two Ace Attorney games, and then Gumshoe came along and was like, "No, I know more about Edgeworth!" and showed his montage of the third game, and then Oldbag was like, "Fine. I'll show you my Edgey-poo Forbidden Memorial!!" And the title screen comes up for it and Edgeworth shows up and interrupts the whole thing. And we never got to see what was on the forbidden memorial. But it was hilarious.

Today I'm thankful for special promotional DVD thingies, the Blue Badger March, Page not trying to attack the ceiling fan and falling to her death injury or getting mangled, amazingly orchestrated video game music, and Ace Attorney promotional movies with voice actors.