February 17th, 2010


Mystery Tour

Today's featured manga (as in the one we're working on that's probably still confidential) is not one for arachnophobes. It even started to creep me out a little. Not that I'm the most spider-loving person ever.

Anyway. I wanted to talk about Tetsuya Iwanaga today. While just about everybody is talking about the Olympics, the voice actor blog Twitter feed posted the first part of a blog entry of his that was like, "I have a medal, too!!"

But first, we interrupt our regular blogcast to bring you a message from Page:


(I added the introduction part, but the rest of it is exactly the way she typed it. Just imagine what that could have looked like if this were one of those times when she decided that the keyboard is the perfect place to lie down. She's on Athena's bed now.)

Anyway. Iwanaga-san then went on to explain that he got his medal for being the hero at the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour at Tokyo Disneyland!! Aaaaaahhhh!!! That is adorable and makes us jealous. We even almost got up the nerve to comment, but our Japanese input thing was acting up, which we took to mean it's okay not to push ourselves. We didn't know there was a Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour at Tokyo Disneyland, either. I'm not sure we would have been brave enough to see about going on it if we had known about it, but at any rate, we will definitely need to keep this in mind for future visits. According to Iwanaga-san, they don't usually choose adults to be the hero (not surprisingly), but if we can get in the right group...

Anyway, I think we need to find more anime with Tetsuya Iwanaga in it.

If I remember correctly, he's actually in the Japanese dub of Hercules (as a super minor character...). That would also go along with our strategy of improving our translations by watching the Japanese versions of things we've seen a million times in English. Of course, we came up with this strategy on our way to Japan almost two years ago and only sort of implemented it (we have The Emperor's New Groove in Japanese but have only watched it once (we like the English version better, but the live action actor for Light from Death Note is the Japanese dub voice of Kuzco)), but now that we've reread our Japan report, we remember it and I still think it's a good idea. Now if only we had the money to be ordering DVDs from Japan...

Today I'm thankful for the idea of going on the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour, making much better translation progress today than yesterday, chocolate recipes (we feel a need for chocolate but all we have is a box of cocoa), not being an arachnophobe, and minor characters.