February 13th, 2010


Photo post!!

Since I have no idea what to talk about today, and since Athena went to the trouble of resizing all our Halloween pictures, it's time for another photo post! Now, we don't have Gaston and Alice's permission to post pictures of them (I'm pretty sure Gaston was planning to post a bunch on Facebook, but that's a little more private than LJ (or at least it was...)), so for now I'll post the pictures that don't have them (which pretty much excludes all the ones with us, too, unfortunately) and post the actual cosplay photos in a friends-locked post later.

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Today I'm thankful for there not being any picketers outside of Fresh & Easy today (at least not when we went), having cereal to eat, finally posting those Halloween pics (now if we can just get the rest of them and then the Christmas ones, we'll be all caught up!), raisin box communities, and getting that piece of paperwork we were waiting for.