February 6th, 2010

kid flash

So little time...

Today has been a manga-reading kind of day. Actually, the weather is incredibly suited to video games, but sometimes, you have to read manga. And reading Tears of a Lamb has really got me thinking about the importance of journals. I mean, what if you suddenly lost all your memories, and you were the only one that had them? The only way to ever know them again (before the Millennium) would be to have written them down.

On the one hand, we have this Live Journal, and we do post in it every day. But on the other hand, due to confidentiality and other such things, we don't always write everything that's going on. So I guess it's time to pull out the pretty little journals we bought back in college and start writing in them. Man, we keep adding things to our to-do list. First we decide we need to keep our apartment tidy, now journals. And we still haven't gotten around to reading more! Because we got Kingdom Hearts. But we're almost to a point with that where we won't be as anxious to get to it. Maybe. Oh Square-Enix, they're good at owning your soul.

We also realized, translating Negima!, that maybe we don't watch enough TV. Like, they're talking about having a meeting where they report everything they found, and we're like, "What do we call that in English!? I know there's a term for it! WHAT IS IT!?!?!?" Okay, so maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but still. (Incidentally, we went with debriefing. Is that accurate? 'Cause we still have time to change it if it's not. I kind of feel like a failure as a translator for this, but I'll get over it.) Theoretically, Athena points out, reading (already on the list) would help with that, too, but that's if we had any books written in the last century. Since we already have a TV (with cable and everything!), that would be a lot more suited to our current financial situation. And with TV, we'll also have time to knit! Two birds, one stone. Unless we're watching something we want to, like, watch. And not look away from.

Changing the subject, this morning Page did the most adorable thing. We let her out of prison, but we weren't ready to get out of bed yet, so I was still lying there when she came up onto my bed. She put one paw behind my head and nuzzled my face, like she was giving me a hug! ♥♥♥!! And that's even after the Stern Talking To that I had to give her last night after attacking Oreo. I'm still worried that Oreo thinks I betrayed him for not stopping her. I was watching the whole time, but I failed to distract her and didn't think, "Hey, maybe I should pick her up and carry her away." Not cool. I will have to be much more careful in the future.

Today I'm thankful for having manga to read today, not having to go out in the rain (though it is lovely), already having journals to write in (so we don't have to buy new ones), having time to knit last night while we watched Supernanny, and freshly vacuumed carpets.