February 2nd, 2010


It's an oxymoron. Like Swiss cheese.

Today has been a long work day. It's hard going straight to something like Negima! right after translating something like Higurashi. Ah well, our other option was Happy Cafe, which isn't much better.

Let's see... I was thinking I'd talk about Japanese on Twitter, but now it suddenly doesn't seem as interesting anymore. The main thing is, since we discovered that Hakusensha is on Twitter, we started following them and realized that you can fit a lot more Japanese into 140 characters than you can English. Recently, we decided to see if there were any seiyuu on Twitter, and we discovered a feed that basically tweets the beginning of just about every seiyuu blog entry as it's made. And since you can fit a ton of Japanese into one tweet, suddenly, our feed is jam packed! Apparently it snowed in Tokyo a couple of days ago. It was really cute because just about every seiyuu with a blog came on to post about it.

Other than that... really just Kingdom Hearts. We're very impatient to play it today, which is why we were so frustrated that work took so long.

I was also thinking last night that I'm not so sure about the use of the word "ironic" in Castle. Watchers of the show know that Castle gets upset when people misuse the word, and last night, they reran the first episode where this pet peeve shows up. Collapse )

...And Page just tried to use my leg to sharpen her claws. Thanks, Page.

Anyway, I just needed to talk (type) that out, make sure I was understanding things the way I thought I was.

Today I'm thankful for kitties being kind enough not to shred my leg even when using it as a scratching post, getting groceries last night, having ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate pretzel sandwiches, and remembering that pack of Hi-Chew we still need to eat.