January 30th, 2010


Clean bill of health

The LifeSaver in my mouth reminded me of a song from Kage Kara Mamoru, which is kind of strange because we haven't watched that anime in years and years (probably four? I don't know), but awesome because we liked that series and it's nice to be reminded of it. And the guy who plays the main character also played Chizuru in the Uta o Kikasete CD drama, which is even better.

Anyway. Our good friend from Anime Expo, shellysunfish, has started an LJ friend project, and she has asked everyone to bring a friend, so you're all invited to go check out her LiveJournal.

That "an LJ" thing reminds me of something. The other day (like probably a few months ago) someone on the translators' mailing list we subscribe to mentioned that some people, though rarely, sound words out in their heads when they read them. We never thought it was all that rare, because we're among those people, which is why I write "an LJ project" instead of "a LJ project." When I see "LJ," I read it as "el-jay," which starts with a vowel. But I wonder if some people might read it like kanji and immediately think "Live Journal," which would start with a consonant, and then they'd go, "What? Shouldn't that be 'a LJ project'?" Hmm.

Anyway. LifeSavers. The reason I suddenly had a banana LifeSaver in my mouth is that we went to the vet today! Yay! Did I already talk about this? Oreo had another recheck scheduled a week and a half ago, but since we couldn't figure out the transportation situation, we rescheduled it twice. So today we took him to the vet, where they did the basic checkup stuff. We took him off the prednisolone a little earlier than we had been instructed to, because with him stressing out and hiding from the new cat, it was hard enough to feed him food, let alone nasty medicine. But! since he hasn't shown any negative effects of being off the medicine, this case has been declared closed! With instructions to call immediately if there's a relapse, of course.

We also told the vet about the horrible, mean thing we did to him of getting another cat, and she assured us the fighting would gradually peter out. (When she asked Oreo if he was getting into battle royales, we told her about Thursday when the fur was flying everywhere, and her eyes lit up and she was like, "Awesome!" It is kind of cool to think about, now that we know neither of them is really hurt.) But in the meantime, since Oreo just had to go to the vet, we've kept Page locked away so he can have some time to relax before we unleash her again.

After checking out with the vet's office, we headed into PetSmart proper to get some cat food, and while we were in line to pay for it, I saw a bag of Hawaiian fruit LifeSavers, and that's why going to the vet resulted in candy.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo getting into the cat carrier without drawing blood or otherwise making a mess, Oreo being officially! off his medicine, Hawaiian fruit LifeSavers, nostalgic reminders of fun anime, and it now being time for more Kingdom Hearts.