January 7th, 2010


Writer's block(?)

Today we were supposed to go to the vet with New Cat, who still doesn't have a name. But the girl who promised to drive us couldn't, and nobody she called for help returned her calls, and our home teacher wasn't picking up, and Mom was busy, so tadah! no trip to the vet. It's just as well, because we had more work to do on Gakuen Alice than we'd hoped, and we probably couldn't have afforded it anyway. Hopefully our paycheck will come before the newly scheduled appointment on Wednesday. It's also just as well that we didn't go, because we still don't have a name for little missy.

Anyway. What to talk about? One of the writer's block prompts the other day was about a favorite childhood toy. Just a little while before that I was thinking of my plush tiger... (I almost typed "stuffed tiger," but then I remembered about training to work at Disneyland, where they tell you that you MUST call the plush toys "plush." They are not stuffed. Everyone thinks it's a joke, but if you call them "stuffed," there are true stories about children crying about how they stuffed Mickey Mouse.) Anyway, I was thinking about my plush tiger Bright Eyes, whom I received, if I remember correctly, on our fourth birthday. Wow, that was a long time ago. I seem to also remember watching The Sword in the Stone that day.

Anyway (I'm using that word a lot today...), at the time there was a big "Soft Classics" boom in our family, and for some reason I had decided that tigers were my very favorite animals. But she was kind of a funny-looking tiger, so I didn't think I liked her. But Dad said to me that he was in the toy store (Toys "R" Us was THE toy store for us back in the day) and that tiger looked at him from the shelf and asked... I don't remember the exact lines, this was over twenty years ago... but she (when I was four, all my toys were girls, duh) asked him if he knew Alethea Nibley because she wanted to go be friends with her, so he bought her and took her home and she became my birthday present. After that story, she also became my favorite plush toy.

And ever since then, with the help of TV programs and movies like The Secret Life of Toys and Toy Story, we've had a very hard time throwing anything away, because we didn't want them to feel abandoned. This didn't stop with toys, either. Shoes, computers, old video tapes that don't work anymore... I currently have a comforter that's completely falling apart, but I don't want to throw it away because it's kept me warm for so many years. Although it would be fun to get a new one and let it retire. Just not throw it away. Maybe! we can make a quilt top and use it for the inside! Mom says her mom always uses old blankets instead of quilt batting. Hmm...

Anyway. That's my rambling for today. Today I'm thankful for four whole hours of sleep before having to wake up and lock up a kitty (the last time we tried not locking them up, we only got two hours), Bright Eyes (I still have her, too, of course), getting to go to FHE tonight, having the power to leave FHE whenever we want or stay as long as we want, and backwards-walking kitties.