January 1st, 2010


Happy new year!!

The excitement continues at our place, but in a much more controlled fashion, thankfully. At one point, Oreo gave up and went to his favorite hiding place in the linen closet, but New Cat was on constant look out for him. Any time he tried to come out and spend time with the rest of us, she would rush at him, ready to attack. Here we thought she would be the one hiding, too, but no, she's content to roam the place like she owns it, and she especially loves to follow us around. We're not sure if this is to monopolize us away from Oreo, or just because she likes company. But anyway, some time last night we decided we were tired of putting up with the cats, so we locked them both away in separate bedrooms. Not that we actually locked the doors, but since they can't open them anyway...

We greeted the new year with our own adapted recipe for drinking chocolate, and then, since there was no way we were going to risk the cats bumping heads all night, made a makeshift litter box for New Cat and hoped and prayed that she would use it despite it being full of shredded papers instead of actual litter. (We didn't want to use actual litter, because it would get messy, though on the other hand, thinking about it, it would probably be a less scary mess than if she had decided not to use the box at all. Oh well.) We wanted to let Oreo have the run of the apartment, because if we're going to play favorites, you can bet we're going to pick Oreo, and since he tends to sleep on Athena's bed, we didn't want to prevent him from doing that.

At about six-thirty, I woke up to Oreo meowing. I still don't know why he was meowing, but I got up to check on him. Then I heard New Cat meowing, and I wanted to check on her, especially with the litter box situation, so I figured why the heck not. I very carefully opened the door and tried to make her back up, but before I knew it, an all-out cat fight had broken out. This is what I get for trying to open that door without being able to see anything. It was kind of crazy to watch, just the two of them spinning around, kind of like that move Sora and Goofy do in Kingdom Hearts II. Everything we had set up for New Cat's livelihood in the spare bedroom went flying, so we were very grateful that the makeshift litter box hadn't been used. We finally managed to break them up when Athena came out of bed. I just hope we didn't wake up the neighbors.

I'm pretty sure New Cat started it, since she was the one who was picking fights all night last night, but she got what was coming to her--Oreo got her on the nose and I think on the paw between her toes. Still not sure if that was her blood or Oreo's there, but since it's still there, we think it was hers. And what do you know? She doesn't pick fights with Oreo. To be honest, we're glad he got her, because he has seniority and she needs to stop being a brat.

For our own sanity, we've kept New Cat locked away most of the day, switching her from the room with the real litter box to the room with the fake one, so they would have turns getting access to the real one. But we're pretty sure at this point neither one of them is eating enough to make it very urgent, which is a bit of a concern in and of itself. Anyway, Oreo has been secluding himself in his closet, which I guess is like his haven (I worry that it might be his "guess I'll go eat worms" spot...), so now we're hanging out with New Cat in the bedroom. Oreo's free to come join us if he wants, but he seems about as uninterested as you can possibly get. I think there's a vicious cycle going on where one cat will be mean to the other, so by the time they realize they were wrong and need to be friends, the other cat hates them.

In the meantime, we've been trying to come up with a name for her. We kind of liked Charlotte, after the character in The Princess and the Frog, because she's really sweet but really spoiled, and she wiggles her butt like Charlotte does, but it's just not clicking, and neither is anything else we've come up with. Except maybe Eve, since we got her on New Year's Eve, but we don't really like the idea of her sharing a name with a Pixar character because we're still bitter.

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So any ideas? We also like the idea of naming her after an anime character, but it would have to be something easy to pronounce.

Wow, Oreo just came in here, sniffing around (probably for food, since it's past his dinner time), and neither cat hissed at the other! Is this progress? ...Maybe not. Athena went to feed Oreo, and she had to see what was going on, and... Now Oreo's back in his little haven. Poor kitty.

On the other hand, we're still kind of like, "We didn't really want another cat! Why did we get one?" Ah well, I'm sure things will work out for the best.

Today I'm thankful for non-hostile encounters, finally making it back to sleep after the excitement this morning (I'm also glad I was able to check on her, since we weren't actually planning to get out of bed until late this morning), the cat not walking on the piano in the middle of the night (another reason she had to be on lock-down), Crunchyroll contests getting us to watch La Corda d'Oro again, and the relative peace and quiet we've had all day.